Corrupt Swap File & Novell 3.12


We have WFWG 3.11 installed on one (1) computer and connected to a Novell 3.12 network with all machines configured about the same depending on video cards, etc.  Only one machine out of 19 continues to corrupt the permanet swap file!

I have re-installed Windows but the problem persists.  Seems to corrupt when one User will logout of the network and another person immediately login using that same computer.
Any ideas?  Thanks alot.

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kamallConnect With a Mentor Commented:

If you have 6MB or more memory in this computer, just select 'None' for the swap file setting in the Control Panel - Virtual Memory.

When you log on and it gives you a message about a corrupt swap file...go into the MAIN group...then control panel...then double click the emm386 program.

Go into the virtual memory settings and it will ask you to set it to zero...say yes and then reset up the virtual memory settings...

hope this helps...

liebgottAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the help.  I am aware of how to correct the corrupt swap file.  But I can't determine what is causing the file to corrupt in the first place.  As I mentioned, the problem is a persistent problem.  Does not occur on any other machines.

Sorry for the confusion.
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Problem may be not connected directly to logon/logoff procedure.
What I asking here is some information:
1) What size of HD on workstation (WS) ?
2) How it defined in BIOS Setup ?
3) What type of HD (manufacturer)
4) In BIOS Setup - Advanced Settings (or Advanced Chipset)
   value like PCCLK/x or CLKIN/x . What x is and what CPU is ?
5) Is "32-bit" disk access or file access enabled (in virtual
   memory settings) ?
The problem may also lie in a faulty hard drive....
liebgottAuthor Commented:
Thank you.  I will disable the swap file since the machine has more than 6 mb of memory.
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