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fgets,gets,scanf and array of char pointers

I am trying to learn array of pointers:
Please show a SIMPLE Example to show me how to input data into
with scanf,gets,fgets.
Thank you, John
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#define len      20
#define slen      "20"
char *names[4];
for(i=0;i<4;i+=1){ names[i] = (char *)malloc(len+1); }
scanf("%" slen "s", names[0]);
printf("%s, %s, %s",names[0],names[1],names[2]);
johnm112496Author Commented:
can the same be done with:

gets (names[i])??

Please send me your EMail @ msd@bendnet.com
johnm112496Author Commented:
Adjusted points to 200
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Sure the same can be done with gets(names[i]) also if i is in the range of 0 to 3 of your example.
 If you work with arraypointers  you must always be sure that you reserve
enough memory. This can be done with malloc or I prefer calloc since this clears
to memory you get from your OS.

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Hey ozo,

Why don't you give answers rather than comments?

You always get there first, then wait for someone else to give your comments as their answers

Since I can't tell what the questioner will consider an answer before
they comment back, I prefer not to lock the question until then.
Sometimes questions here seem to degenerate into a race to lock
rather than an attempt to find the best answer, and I don't want to
participate in such a competition.
Sometimes finding answers requires the cooperation of several commentators.
Others may have a different policy, but that's up to them.
The questioner always has the final say about what's an answer in any case.
Hey ozo,

I can't argue with that!!

Hats off to you


PS. Sorry John, for diverting from the topic
johnm112496Author Commented:
How do you allocate memory while the user inputs the strings with gets(string[i]);  this should allow the computer all the mem allocation for you right? John
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