Playing MPEG in ActiveMovie & Media Player

I've encountered this problem several times among severl computers.  My MPEG files only play through ActiveMovie, but not through Media Player.  This is where I need it to play due to the MCI calls in my program.  I'm using a RealMagic Hollywood card.  Any ideas?
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Go to MY Computer\\Files\\options\\File types.
There associate what ever extentions you want i.e; .mp2 using the Edit function associating mpeg's to: C:\WINDOWS\mplayer.exe.
fouchiAuthor Commented:
This is not a file type association issue.  This happens even if I go into Media player and play the MPEG from there.  I get audio, but no video - even after I adjust the border and auto-calibrate the RealMagic card.
What playing device you select in Media Player ?
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Go you get a video screen but nothing playing, or just audio?
I think that the problem is much complex than this, we had last week the same problem installing a MATROX video editing card where after installing the Matrox drivers it did disable the MPEG with the media player.

I'll follow the case and post results.
fouchiAuthor Commented:
Just to answer the above questions, in media player, I select my RealMagic Hollywood card, and I get just audio and no video (sometimes not even this works).  However, everything is fine when played through ActiveMovie.
Fouchi: Search your hard drive for a file called Fmpdrv.ini. Use any text editor (such as Notepad) to edit the Fmpdrv.ini file and check the lines listed, especially any referring to sound or video.
The software for this board also looks for an Int=<x> which MUSt be present. If it's not, then add the line
to the [Sound] section of the file, where <x> is an available interrupt, and then restart your computer.
There may also be an Int=<x> under the video section, please post what is shown. This interrupt can be the same as assigned to the video card.

Windows 95 Media Player does not support MPEG files, see Knowledge Base article Q132992, however thrid party software may provide limited support. If you were able to use Media Player before to support MPEG, you will have to reinstall the software that provided the support.

Right now, Active Movie is providing the support you describe for the MPEG files.
fouchiAuthor Commented:
I don't have a file named fmpdrv.ini.
Did you receive any software with your Realmagic card?
fouchiAuthor Commented:
Yes, I have software, but that file is not included.  I did notice, however, that the fmpdrv.ini file is included in the RealMagic Maxima software package (which is an older card than the Hollywood)

Hi fouchi,

I think your special driver .DRV from RealMagic Hollywood Card is not registered on the Windows System.
To registered that driver .DRV, try this several step :


2.  Choose this ROOT :

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE  --->  System  --->  CurrentControlSet  --->  control  --->   MediaResources  --->  mci  --->  MPEGVideo

the setup parameter usually look like follow :

[Default]                      [value not set]
Description      "ActiveMovie MCI Driver"
Driver            "mciqtz.drv"
FriendlyName      "ActiveMovie MCI Driver"

If MCIQTZ.DRV is not support your card, try to change with
driver that usually included with your Real Magic Card.


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Fouchi: Did your Hollywood software come with an "inf" file of any kind?
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