How to send in Java Applet like from Netscape


We use a gateway product to send faxes from Email clients.

It works fine with Netscape Communicator.

When we want to send a fax to number 0123456789, we put the following address:

0123456789 <>

How can we do the same with an applet client ?

Thank you in advance

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I would imagine that you are doing this using a CGI
script and a POST from an HTML form.

So, you can do the following from a Java applet:

showDocument("http://" + getCodeBase.getHost() + "/cgi-bin/cginame?number="+phonetext.getText()+"&"host="+hosttext.getText());

This will call the cgi script cginame (replace name with
your CGI script) with the text out of two text fields
phonetext and hosttext which should contain the phone
numbers entered by the user.

That should do it.  Hope that helps,


hilleretAuthor Commented:
Sorry, but we do not send messages with a CGI.

We use a product call IntranetFax from GFIFax that transforms Emails to faxes.

To do what you need, you have to set up a mail server on the same machine as the Web server that will deliver the applet (this is due to applet security restrictions) and write a Java applet that acts as a mail client. The user will enter the data into the applet, that will send a mail to the mailbox your tool uses. It will then turn the mail to a fax, as usual. If your tool acts in fact as a mail server dedicated to sending faxes, you don't need to install a new mail server but simply to install your tool on the same machine as the Web server. Hereafter an example of Java applet that acts as a mail client (with source code):

It should be quite straigthforward to customize that code to your needs. You should also find a library to send mails from an applet at the site.


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To complete my answer: at the site, type the keywords "mail" and "smtp" into the search engine query, you will have plenty of resources.
hilleretAuthor Commented:
Peut-etre pourrions-nous parler français ???

Ma question porte uniquement sur la maniere de spécifier l'adresse Email précédée du numero de fax dans un applet Java !




Renaud, je ne comprends plus ta question. L'applet que je te propose permettent l'envoi de mails comme si tu te trouvais en face de ton client mail, il n'y a aucune difference.Ton probleme est-il un probleme d'interface utilisateur, ou as-tu deja ecrit un applet sans pouvoir le faire fonctionner, ou????
If IntranetFax supports OLE automation, there is another way you could solve your problem.
I don't know if this is usefull for you, as people has proposed where you can find information about SMTP, etc. But I extracted a some code from my e-mail applet which communicates with a SMTP server. This code will throw a security exception in Netscape if it is connected to another server than which it came from. If it is signed and UniversalConnect is enabled then you can connect to a third part otherwise not.

public void send() {
  try {
    // Open connection to SMTP server
    socket=new Socket(mailServer,port);

    in=new DataInputStream(socket.getInputStream());
    out=new PrintStream(socket.getOutputStream());

    // Send message
    sendline("HELO "+socket.getInetAddress().getHostName());
    sendline("MAIL FROM: "+userEmail);
    sendline("RCPT TO: 0123456789 <>");

    out.print("Subject: "+subject+"\n");
    StringTokenizer st=new StringTokenizer(message,"\n");
    while(st.hasMoreTokens()) {
      String s=st.nextToken();

      // Close connection
    } catch(Exception e) {

void sendline(String data) throws IOException {
  String s=in.readLine();
  System.out.println(s);  // Only for debuging


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