Unexplained disappearance of controls...

Hi all.
Here's one for the books:
I've got a 32 bit, Win 95, VB4 application. The client has installed it on his machine. All is well.

Just recently, however, the client has taken a print screen shot of one particular screen. Ever since then, most controls (labels, edit boxes, combo boxes) have disappeared. These controls reside on a tab of a tabbed control. Additional controls on other tabs appears fine.

As anyone heard of such a thing? I've heard that there might be a bug with VB4 or with the Sheriday 3D controls or a combination of both. Can anyone verify this for me?

Willing to raise points...

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rantanenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It is a known bug in Tab control. Goto


and download


vorlonAuthor Commented:
Also, forgot to mention, the client has re-installed the application several times to no avail. Therefore, it's not that the exe file is corrupt because the install was from a set of diskettes...
vorlonAuthor Commented:
Ok. Done that. Now what do I do with it. Just replace the old copy with the new tabctl32.ocx? What about the project? Do I have to go to the form in question, and re-create it using the correc control? What about registering it?

I'm assuming that because it's already registered, all I have to do is replace the files. Also, I know that I have to recompile my VB project but am not sure if I have to re-create the form.

Once again, thanks.
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you can just replace the ocx file and if Sheridan has followed suggestions about keeping new versions backward compatible, everything should work - but I haven't really checked this control  - sorry.
vorlonAuthor Commented:
Ok. I've replaced the above OCX, re-created a new setup file, re-created a set of installation disks and gave that to the client.

Now everytime he access the screen where the tab control is, he gets a "Run time error 31037 Error loading from file". He clicks the ok to the message and the program crashes. (NOT GOOD).

Additional help would be appreciated...
vorlonAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points to 160

there seems to be different bugs in different versions of this control. After some inquiries I found out that

Windows 95 / NT 4.0 users who have TABCTL32.OCX version 4.02 installed may encounter Visual Basic error 31037. Replacing version 4.02 with  version 4.01 should fix the problem.

In addition,  Windows NT 4.0 users having TABCTL32.OCX version 4.0 may experience display problems and General Protection Faults (GPFs). Replacing version 4.0 with version 4.01 should fix the problem.

So, it seems that version 4.01 is the one to be used. I didn't know that when supplying my initial answer and I'm sorry for any inconvenience that might have caused to you.

If you have difficulties locating this particular version of this control, give me a note and I mail it to you.

My address is Lasse.Rantanen@sci.fi

another thing I forgot to mention is that usually error 31037 is caused by an OCX not registered properly.

To find out if this the case, run regsrv32 manually on each OCX your program uses and check after each one if it helps. Nuisance, I know.
vorlonAuthor Commented:

This doesn't solve my immediat problem. However, thanks for your effort...

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