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Browser give me back, "Server Error", when a try testing the example of CGIVB4 (cgivb4.htm) which is "". My webserver is the personal web server, I've compiled the source code with VB5, I've had changing in the html page.. /scripts instead /cgi_bin, i use microsoft internet explorer,
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alamoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Thanks, dpina, good luck and feel free to leave a comment or open a new question if you need more help!
Have you successfully run other CGI programs on your system, or is the first one?

You are using VB5 32 bit, right? Using VB5 16 bit is one of the possible causes for a server error.

Normally if the path was wrong you'd get 404 File Not Found, not a 500 Server Error (500 is what you get, right?)
Please be more specific.  Like what is the server you are using. full URL to the example you use, etc.

dpinaAuthor Commented:
is was an error from my VB5, it didn't  put the right extension .exe, however i'm gonna give 100 points to alamo  

dpinaAuthor Commented:
thanks!! see you soon!!
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