I got 3 toshiba tecras and all had dots on the screen.
Then I got 3 sony  vaio notebooks which I liked but I would
type a letter and the mouse touch pad would double-click itself!!!!! I do not lie like a samuri ghost!
So what is the best most reliable notebook for around 3K
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Dell is the way to go.  Regardless of any models, they are always reliable and good.
Just reading a comparaison reports for 3 notebooks in the 233Mhz category between AST, Dell and Gateway
And the selected by all categories was the DELL INSPIRON-3000
this is a $3999 machine but a monster.

They have a good service and they test all their components together before releasing it on their production line.
They even sometimes refused to add a SCSI tapebackup on their 166Mhz for doubt on incompatibity problems.

I had a very good experience with them.  I had 3 Compaq notebooks, and they all had problems too. ( Trackball, keyboard name it)

Hope this helped (if you need more info in details, just ask)

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netsavvyAuthor Commented:
You the man!  As I look at my 20" dell monitor and 200mhz pent pro system. The sony looked so good, but each of the three had the touch pad double ckicking itself and it was making me real mad! Why would it do that was it the pad or what? I really liked all other features of the sony, like that it had a tv video out'
i dont think dell has that>? How do I get a good sony?

By the way, when i tried to swap drive to cd drive on the sony i killed it when in susspend mode

Im going to get probably the lattitude then, can only spend about 3 k. Let me know one more , I guess ill go with the reliable dell
I'll pull out all the reports I can find on the Dell lattitude
and will post them here for you.

Sony are great in one thing MONITORS for guys like us (GRAPHICS BUSINESS) because they use the trinitron tube which is very accurate in colors THAT'S IT, regardless those 2 lines visibly seen on a white background, which are essential in their technology.

Something else I would like to say about the PC2TV connection.  I know that you might like it, but look at the price of a 35 or 42" TV and the price of one of our 20" SONY they are almost the same price WHY?? because the MONITORS technology is different than the TV technology and therefore would you agree with me that it would be foolish to send a high cost signals on a low cost receivers?? It's something to think about!!

Give me few days to collect the info you need.O.K.??
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netsavvyAuthor Commented:
Its the dell Dell Inspiron 3000 M166ST all the way, but whats this all about, i need to hook a jaz drive  (which just died on me after 7months  btw) can i do so and which modem>? will all move to 56 K You the man, cant believe i found ine good answer site, you should check out the excite/yahoo pc chat they dont know anyhting and need help!

Inspiron Port Replicator I
Dell/USR®/3COM® 56K modem
Dell V.34 (Megahertz 33.6 XJACK®) modem
Dell 33.6 fax/data modem (Motorola®)
Dell LAN+ 33.6 modem PC Card
Dell 10/100 Cardbus Ethernet PC Card
Dell 10BaseT Ethernet PC Card
Leather dual-compartment carrying case
Nylon dual-compartment carrying case
Floppy drive cable
External numeric keypad

Intel® Pentium® processor with MMX™ technology
Outstanding 166MHz processor speed
32KB internal cache
External cache (pipeline burst L2 cache):
256KB for 166MHz model
66MHz external BUS frequency  

Fast SDRAM Memory

The fastest memory available in a notebook
Up to 5% faster than EDO RAM
Expand your system to an amazing 144MB!  
16MB standard
Fast SDRAM memory
2 SODIMM sockets
16, 32, and 64MB memory modules available
144MB maximum RAM  

An amazing 16 million colors at 800x600 SVGA resolution

12.1" SVGA Active Matrix (TFT) display
Up to 800x600x16m resolution on 12.1" SVGA display
Active Matrix display for wide viewing angle and brilliant color
LCD status display under main display


Sound Blaster® Pro compatible voice and music
3D stereo surround sound
Yamaha software wavetable

Video Controller  

The fourth-generation graphics controller from NeoMagic integrates memory and logic into a single chip. What's it mean for you? Higher performance, longer battery life, greater mobility, and more graphics features for your notebook computer!


64-bit (128-bit hardware-accelerator) PCI
NeoMagic 2160 video controller
2MB Internal EDO video memory

20X* Variable CD-ROM drive
(*20X max./11X min.)  
Hard Drive  

2X as Fast with 4.0GB!
You can approximately double your storage and transfer speed by upgrading to the new 4.0GB hard disk drive.


IBM 2.1GB to 4.0GB
3.2GB and 4.0GB hard drives are ATA-33  
Disk Drive

3.5", 1.44MB floppy diskette drive

At under seven pounds, this notebook can be on the move as much as you!

Weight (with CD-ROM):
6.4lbs with the 12.1" SVGA TFT display

Height: 42mm (1.65 inches)
Width: 299mm (11.77 inches)
Depth: 234mm (9.21 inches)  
Batteries and
Charge Time

Double your power when both batteries are installed. Get almost 8 hours of power!


Lithium Ion batteries
14.4VDC voltage
40 WHr capacity
Approximate charge time:
2.5 hours (computer on)
1.5 hours (computer off)
Approximate operating time:
Almost 4 hours per battery for the 12.1" screen.
AC Adapter  

Input voltage: 90 to 264VAC
Input current (maximum): 1.5A at 90VAC, full load
Output current: 2.4A continuous
Output power: 45W
1.17"x2.36"x4.13" (HXWXD), .66lb
PC Cards (PCMCIA)   

  Your Choice!

Hot-swappable PC Card slot for
your every need.


Two Type I or Type II cards or
One Type III card
3.3 and 5V cards supported

87 keys (88 in Europe and Japan)
Integrated numeric keypad
Windows® 95 hot-keys
12 function keys
Pointing Device

Touchpad pointer
PS/2™ compatible
20 points/mm (500 points/inch) resolution
Factory-Installed Operating Systems  

Windows® 95  
Standard Bundled Applications

Microsoft® Office® 97 Small Business Edition  
Dell-Specific Applications


The Dell Hypertext User's Guide is a searchable index of notebook features and documentation, that's sophisticated but easy to use.


Hypertext Online User's Guide
Battery Gauge
Dell Diagnostics
System cable lock support for added security
Ports and Connectors

9-pin serial connector
25-hole parallel connector
Serial infrared communications port (IrDA-1.1 compliant)
Audio jacks:
External mic-in
15-pin monitor connector
6-pin PS/2-style keyboard, mouse, and keypad
USB (Universal Serial Bus) 4-pin connector
IDE removable hard disk drive
Advanced Power Management  

Suspend-to-RAM mode
Suspend-to-disk mode
Stand-by mode (turns off LCD and HDD)
Dell PC Cards and Peripherals

Inspiron Port Replicator I
Dell/USR®/3COM® 56K modem
Dell V.34 (Megahertz 33.6 XJACK®) modem
Dell 33.6 fax/data modem (Motorola®)
Dell LAN+ 33.6 modem PC Card
Dell 10/100 Cardbus Ethernet PC Card
Dell 10BaseT Ethernet PC Card
Leather dual-compartment carrying case
Nylon dual-compartment carrying case
Floppy drive cable
External numeric keypad


The correct model is:
Dell Inspiron-3000 M233XT

Here is the full URL for all INFO youmight need:

N.B.: By the way when you mentionned about the JAZZ, that died on you, did you mean deffective?? Because we had 2 unusual cases where we had to ship back these JAZZ for replacement after they FAILED.

netsavvyAuthor Commented:
Yeah, I'm real concerned about Jazz.  I got a nice external this past Jan. and my pc crashed in august. I shelved the Jaz for a month and when I went to use it again it was all defective. First you could read off one of the jaz disks. Then not, then the tape would not stay in and would eject aoutmatically from the drive.  So, i have to find the damn receiot to send it back.
This happened just after my friend had to take back two and I read a nasty report from New Media Magazine saying that Jaz is deceiveing the public and the the storage is not as safe as they said.

So, hope to send back soon.  Windows is a tricky os with all the crazy apps that clutter it.

So, getting a dell notebook on monday. Hope really that the touch pad doesnt do the ghost samuari!


netsavvyAuthor Commented:
will only be able to afford the dell i mentioned, the 166, for my dad, thats all hell need, i dont think hell need  the 13.1 Act ive!

Best regards
You made me laugh with that "Ghost samurai.." comment, I believe that you won't be deceived.

As for the JAZZ I have ALL my data on them, kind of wish they don't fail on me OR.... I'm finished. (10 years worse of work)

netsavvyAuthor Commented:
Well just to warn you, you know about the jaz disk recall earlier this last year.  

Seems like it will be the primary storage media. Now their comin out with the 2gig version. Ill wait till my drive comes back in a week after i send it and find the receipt. But, if you have n't already, check out New Media Magazine ,they are graphics trade mag. 3-d and video, moving more toward the pc.

Its free, anbd theyll even send a box of all back issues, or you can request. You should ask for the one i think it was this summer it was like an editorial or a readers comment.
Deffinately worth the check out, about the validity of long term storage on the jaz, Or Ill find it for you.
Netsavvy@rocketmail.com Always good to talk to some  one smart!
i LIKE MY DEMENSION XPS pro 200 n, no mmx , but 20"

Im pretty pissed though , all my friends are diehard graphics mac users, but im getting everything they dont have and more, and the web doenst really disrciminate. The jaz though is pretty crucial to keep the system free and clean and fast.

So getting the cheaper dell, thanks for the advice, dell has good support, but needs to get a saftey backup restore cd if not done yet, and better win 95 support.  But their pcs do rock!

See you in cyberspace

netsavvyAuthor Commented:
For your good help I ll dig it up and type it in the New Media paragraph. By the end of the week.

Take it easy
Thanks, for all you efforts
Talking about Mac & PC let me tell you that about 8 years ago when I use to send Jobs for films and ask around for someone who supports PC, they use to laugh at me and say:
" The last of the Mohacons " I was so pissed of that I challenged them by saying that by the year 2000 MAC will disappear, and you guys will be doomed forever.
I see it happening, since then the PC has made MAJOR moves in PC graphics, now (Bill just invested 150 mil in Mac), who knows maybe like a good businessman "If you can't beat it, buy it" and finish it.
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