Roman numerals

Assignment: Write a program that accepts a year written as a four digit Arabic (normal) numeral and outputs the year written in Roman numerals. Important Roman numerals are: V for 5, X for 10, L for 50, C for 100, D for 500, and M for 1000.

Please provide the code. Thanks!
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Program Roman;

var year, mag : integer;
var roman     : string;

  function get_roman (digit, magnitude : integer) : string;
  var one, five, ten : string;
    case magnitude of
      1:    begin  one := 'I'; five := 'V';   ten := 'X';  end;
      10:   begin  one := 'X'; five := 'L';   ten := 'C';  end;
      100:  begin  one := 'C'; five := 'D';   ten := 'M';  end;
      1000: begin  one := 'M'; five := 'm';   ten := 'n';  end;

    case digit of
      0: get_roman := '';
      1: get_roman := one;
      2: get_roman := one + one;
      3: get_roman := one + one + one;
      4: get_roman := one + five;
      5: get_roman := five;
      6: get_roman := five + one;
      7: get_roman := five + one + one;
      8: get_roman := five + one + one + one;
      9: get_roman := one + ten;

    write ('Enter year: ');
    readln (year);

    roman := '';
    mag   := 1000;
    while (mag > 0) do
      roman := roman + get_roman (year div mag, mag);
      year  := year mod mag;
      mag   := mag  div 10;

    writeln (roman);

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Oooo... if you turn in that code, it will be too complex, and your teacher will know you cheated!  Chadd, reject this answer and I will post my simplfied version, so your teacher will not suspect your using other sources!  :)
And what makes it so complex? ;-)
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Oh, I don't know.  I just wanted the points.  :)  It just seems that this source code would come from someone who knew how to do simple Pascal programs, not someone who is struggling through the class, which, I assume, chadd is...  But basically, all I wanted was the points!  :)
I thought so. ;-)  I am pretty sure that this code is about the
simplest it can get, considering that the Roman numeral system
is so haphazard in the first place.  Cheers. :-)

chadd082197Author Commented:
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