ISDN T/A; Ascend NetWarp 128

I have an Ascend NetWarp 128 isdn T/A. It has the siemens
chipset (can provide details). Ascend seems only to support
win95 and NT with drivers,...
I need (low-level) drivers to configure the card for
use with Linux. Or do I ? Can isdn4linux do the trick.
Has anyone used the above product successfully with Linux.
It works great with win95,...

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ISDN T/A devices come in two flavours - those that behave like modems, and those that behave like network cards. The former you talk to by sending AT commands over a serial line, and Linux has no trouble with these. The latter require drivers, in the same way that an Ethernet card requires drivers.

The Netwarp uses the Siemens chipset, as you say, and this chipset is supported in 2.0.31, though the Netwarp is not specifically mentioned.

You can try using isnd4linux, and build the HiSax siemens chipset driver support into your kernel. Read the file


The Netwarp is a passive device, as mentioned, so I'd say you have a good shot at it. The author of the above mentioned file requests that he be informed about any non-listed Siemens chipset using ISDN cards -I suggest you mail him, and let him know. Even if the Netwarp won't work, it is likely that only minor work would be needed to support it if the chipset is already supported. He may write you a patch if one is necessary....


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nekusAuthor Commented:
To Sauron:

The below is a respnse I got from "Spellcaster" communications (in Toronto, Canada)who
manuf. a T/A card with drivers for Linux
On Sun, 9 Nov 1997, Rick N wrote:

> I was wondering if you might have software drivers compatible with
> Ascends NetWarp 128 (which is what I got).
> It has the seimens chipset. I realize you manufacture your own isdn T/A
> with
> drivers for linux. Is it possible to purchase these drivers.? ...would
> they work
> with ascends?

Sorry, our drivers do not support the adapter you have. Yours is a passive
adapter and requires substantial driver support. Much of what our adapters
do (Q.921/Q.931, HDLC, etc.) is in firmware or hardware. Your card
requires this to be done in the driver.

Erik Petersen
SpellCaster Telecommunications Inc.

Yes your right it is a passive card and Hi-Sax supports some
Siemens chipset. Mine does behave like a network card (according to win95,...)
There is quite a bit to isdn4linux (RTFM right? :-). I've only had the
card a few weeks but its fast. I emailed Ascend but they dont propose
including drivers for Linux, or OS2, the near future which is too bad.
( must be Billy again)

In any case, thanx, at this time your proposed suggetion is the only way
to go.

However if anyone here, or yourself know of, that have
successfully got a NetWarp 128 flyin' on Linux I'd appreciate an

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