GPF in module MSARN200.EXE

I have problems with a MS Access-RunTime-database. The users
get 2 or 3 times a day a General Protection Fault in Module

Does anybody now about problems with this file. My version
of the file is from  96-03-16.

Thanks for your help
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The only thing that I was able to find is as follows:

Error "MSARN200.DLL has caused a General Protection Fault in Module.............."
If you are using a Western Digital Hard Drive and Rocket, Disable Rocket by a REM statement in the Autoexec.bat.. Also In MAIN.. Virtual Memory (386 Enhanced) disable the 32 bit disk access and 32 bit file access.. This should correct the problem... If you do
not have the latest Video Driver, for your Video board, it may cause a conflict also.. Test by going to VGA mode...

Joshua111197Author Commented:
Sorry, but we
* are not using rocket nor WD HD
* are not using WfW 3.11 but Windows 3.1 (no 32bit access)
* have problems on different machines with different Video cards
* need a minimum resolution of 800x600 fro the application

Thanks for your advices, but my problem is still active. Has anybody other ideas?
Joshua, please reject my answer since it was not the solution.  This way someone else can propose an answer.  If I run across anything else about this I will let you know.

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Joshua111197Author Commented:
Check your queries.  If you have a parameter that is not specifically typed i.e. CVDate(parameter) as opposed to parameter, it will cause a GPF in the runtime but won't cause a GPF in the full version.  Also, make sure you have the Service Pack from Microsoft, this fixes many GPF's in the DLL files.

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Joshua111197Author Commented:
Sorry, can you specify your answer, I didn't really understand the sentence. Waht means specifically typed?

Which Servicepack do you mean? I found one for Access 2.0 (Nov. 1994) and one for the Developer Toolkit (Sep. 1995)?
When you put in a parameter in the query line that comes from a variant data type, (such as a function which has no type or a field from a form, Forms!MyForm!MyCriteriaField,  Access can misunderstand what datatype you are using.  If you enter 1/1/97 in a field on a form, is that text, a date, or a mathematical function.  The functions CInt, CLng, Cstr, CVDate, CDbl and all the rest, ensure that you are using the correct data type when there could be some confusion.  In the full retail version, if Access is unsure as to what the type is, it gives you an error message, however, at times the runtime will just die a painful death (GPF).  Making sure that all of your queries with parameters have been specifically cast using the CStr, etc. functions have eliminated many GPF's in runtimes for me.
Joshua111197Author Commented:
OK, I'll check this. It sounds good. I'l give you the results...

Thanks in advance... Josh
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