Disable Closing application...

Hello people,

how do make my program stop reacting on alt-f4 and the "cross".

i am writing a program for a network wich receives messages and the pop's up. i don't want my users to close the program
the mayonly hide it.

canclose := false in the CanClose event doesn't work then windows95 will not shutdown. since the program get's loaded every time the computer boots this is no good.

and i want the program to stop when it gets the message to reboot the system.

thanx for your time
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on the MAIN form of the application, set biSystemMenu (under BorderIcons) to FALSE, this will disable closing.

Good luck with your project!

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moriesAuthor Commented:
thank you very much, for the quick answer...
moriesAuthor Commented:
the cross disappears, but pressing alt-f4 on the keyboard still close the app..
Oh ok! Sorry about missing the Alt-F4 part.

When the main form recieves the WM_CLOSE windows message it's "default" action is just to close the application (if the main form is showing). We need to inhibit this action by "handling" (ignoring) the WM_CLOSE message, thereby preventing the application from shutting down.

In the Private declarations section of the main form, let's declare the message handler:

procedure WMCLOSE(Var: TWMClose);
       Message WM_CLOSE;

now in the IMPLEMENTATION section let's put the actual code to handle the WM_CLOSE message:

procedure TForm1.WMCLOSE(Var Msg: TWMClose);
Msg.Result := 0;   {If you want the app to ignore the close command}

* or *

Form1.Close   {if you REALLY wanted to close it}

Good luck with your project!
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