Can't backup to floppy disk

I have a big problem. I can't make floppy disk backups using the Win95 backup. I do have a Colorado TR-3000 internal tape backup installed, too. For awhile, both worked. Yesterday, after pressing Start Backup for a floppy, I got the error message: "Microsoft Backup has encountered a serious error in its Tape Manager. Quit Microsoft Backup and all other running programs, restart Backup, and then try again. If the problem persists, try reinstalling Backup. To reinstall Backup, look up "Add/Remove Programs" in the Windows Help Index."

These are the things I've tried:
I've reinstalled Microsoft backup as instructed, I've even uninstalled it and reinstalled it, rebooted (cold and warm), reinstalled the Colorado software, searched Microsoft's Knowledge Base (regarding Tape Manager , but all I found was Memory Manager problems) and searching and posting to news groups.

Norton Antivirus was installed a few weeks ago. Don't know if  I used the floppy backup since then. I had NAV disabled, though, as well as the Colorado scheduler, before trying a backup, but backup still didn't work. Tried starting in Safe Mode and backing up there, but got an "exception error" and learned the virtual device driver for  the floppy drive isn't loaded in Safe Mode. I didn't know how to work around it--if that is possible.

I also checked the drivers in Device Manager and found that both HPTape had a floppy disk controller and Windows had a floppy disk controller. I tried deleting one or the other in Safe Mode, restarting, and doing the backup in the normal Windows operating mode, but that didn't work.

Here's a funny thing, though. When I brought my first new computer home a month ago, it reported the same "Serious error on floppy backups." It did not have Norton Antivirus on it, then, but did have the tape backup. I could not find the cause of the error message and took the machine back to the company for service. Service couldn't diagnose it either. They eventually reformatted the hard drive and reinstalled Windows 95. The problem still existed! Their solution was to give me a new machine! It worked fine. That's this one. So, I figure the new problem, most likely, is somewhere in Windows 95.

What can I do to get Windows 95 backup to backup on a floppy?
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dirtdartConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Your problem is with your Colorado software.  For some reason, when using the Colorado products in the Win95 environment, they take over the resoruces used by your floppy drive.  I ran into the exact same problem on two of my machines at work.  The only solution is to completly remove the colorado software and your floppy drive, and reinstall the floppy drive through the Add New Hardware wizard.  Unfortunatly, the only safe way to use a colorodao tape drive is through dos, and that also goes for installing the software.  Make sure that Win95 is not running at all before you even install the dos version.
Make three-finger salute: Ctrl-Alt-Del
Close ALL tasks except SysTray and Explorer. Run Backup.
Is problem persists ?
as what they had said Mircrosoft Back-ups is not that good. Besides we got CDS now which have larger disc space. So y use tape in backing up? i think its beeter to buy a read-wirete CD ROM drive and blanks cds... its much safer reliable and data are protected from getting loss like lost clusters (not unless u break the cd)
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Did you backup the same set of files using floppies?

What about files larger than the floppies you want to back them up to?

Did you try deleting all floppy drivers, uninstall the tape-backup-software and then reboot, let windows automatically recognize the floppy-controllers and then reinstall tape-backup?

What are the entries in your BIOS concerning floppies?

I remember that win95 sometimes affects the BIOS (and the users ;-) in unexpected ways.

hope this will get us somewhere closer to the solution.

lgonseAuthor Commented:
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lgonseAuthor Commented:
Ctl+Alt+Del did not work. Computer would not shutdown normally afterward, and had to turn off power.

Currently, I want the floppy backup and restore to work. I have something on my computer to give to my son. He doesn't have a tape backup. Also, I  have floppy backups off of my last system, and want to restore my data to this computer.

Am going to experiment using "span" in WinZip, if floppy backup problem is not solved.

I appreciate the advice on other backup media, and will probably
be getting a Zip drive.

Have not checked the BIOS, yet. Have uninstalled backup program and reinstalled it for both Windows and Colorado. A friend believes there may be a corrupted file for the Windows backup and replacing it might help. That was a good idea. But, what files does Windows backup install, and where. THAT'S the $100 question.

It doesn't appear to be a controller problem since I am able to copy and write to floppies.
If you want to restore from floppy, it might well be, the floppies themselves are corrupted. Floppies are the most insecure media, can be affected by magnetic fields and dust, even by a floppy-drive which read/write-unit is only slightly deranged. Floppies (even those with lifetime-guarantee) have a very high fluctuation in their production-quality and also this can cause problems. did you think about buying a new brand-name floppy-drive (TEAC recommended) for about 20 US$?
PS: also try to get another backup-programme able to import microsoft-backups.
lgonseAuthor Commented:
Different floppy disks have been used in an attempt to back up files. Some new, some used. I can save to a floppy, and copy to and from a floppy, but not backup to a floppy.

The error message seems to indicate a problem in the "Tape Manager." I don't know what that is, or any of the related problems that others may have had, and have been unable to find any reference to this particular error in the Knowledge Base.

If anyone can definitely name a program that is compatible to the Windows' 95 floppy backup--so I can restore floppies previously backed up on another Win 95 computer, or make backup floppies for another Win 95 computer--I will be happy to mark my question answered satisfactorily.
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