How come Win95 can't detect my CD-ROM

I got some problem in setting up my computer.
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It doesn't sound like a hardware problem it sounds more like a software problem. Try re-installing the VCD software. It sounds like it's missing the VCD device-driver. Same thing with MIDI, and Music CDs.
UTEKAuthor Commented:
The main question here is not only the VCD, but also why Win95 can't detect the CDROM drive. It shouldn't be like that. At fisrt, I also think that it is the problem of the VCD software. So I installed the program several times, but it didn't work at all.(both xing and softpeg). Therefore, I guess the problem is due to win95 or hardware connection. Such problem happened on my computer before. However, I didn't pay too much attention on it because the CDROM appeared in the Device Manger after a while for some unknown reasons.
Have you looked into your CMOS setup to see what you may find on the built-in IDE interface?  Your CD-rom should be set for primary, and I assume that is the way it is.  Then you could do better to have the driver for it, and load it under config.sys. See if your Win95 detects it after the driver is loaded.
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Well, UTEK, when you say you can still access the drive does that mean that you can view files on a cd in it from winows explorer? Or from dos mode for that matter?

If you can access the drive for data then windows _is_ detecting it, in which case it's the same Video-CD problem I know. Check the type if video-cd you are trying to play - mine crashes out with the MCI error. I also had this problem "appear" for video-cd's I knew to be working - so I hat to reinstall softpeg.

If the drive isn't appearing in ms-dos mode (let alone explorer in win95) then check :-

a) that you have the device driver for the cd-rom loading in config.sys - it's a file called tosxxxx.sys or thereabouts. Win95 (as well as dos) needs this driver to "see" the drive. DOS also needs mscdex loaded to access the drive in true dos mode.

b) check the ide settings on the cd-rom drive are set to primary slave (instructions that came with drive tell you how). Set in CMOS-settings the IDE channels to auto-detect and see when you boot if it says something like "detected CDROM" or on the bios startup-screen if it says "primary slave cdrom mode 3" or similar. If it does, then your computer physically sees the drive, which means check the toshiba driver is being loaded...

If it doesn't, then check the drive jumper settings are set to slave (of connected to same channel (IDE cable) as hard-disk (primary master)...

I have another question: do you use DOS drivers in CONFIG.SYS and
AUTOEXEC.BAT ? Remove them. In BIOS Setup -> Integrated Periperals do you have
second IDE line enabled or disabled ? Enable it.
And MOST IMPORTANT, and I think this is an answer :), take a look
on your Sound Blaster and change IDE connector on it from
secondary (which it now, I think) to tertiary. I beleieve there
is a jumper on card.
UTEKAuthor Commented:
Do you guys mean that I should change my CDROM drive to primary slave and my hard disk to the secondary master?
I can access the drive through either window explorer or Msdos mode. If Win95 can detect my CDRom, then it should be shown in the Device Manger. Am I right?
I notice a strange thing. When I went into the autoexec.bat in the MS-Dos mode, I found that there were more than one(several) exactly the same CDRom instruction line in it. So, I used REM to set them as comments. However, for some reasons, the line "reproduce" itself again after I rebooted the system. I used F-prot to check for virus, but nothing was found.Could it be due to any error while the windows was installed? I have tried reinstalling the windows several time without erase the orginial one. Problem still occurs. Should I format the drive?  
Just a little clarification:
You mentioned 2 IDE plugs on your Motherboard.  One is for the Primary IDE and the other is the Secondary IDE.  Since you mention you have access to both hard drive and cdrom then I can assume that your BIOS/CMOS has both IDE controllers enabled.
You said you had the harddrive on one and the other.  The jumper on the harddrive should be set to Primary.  The jumper on the CDROM should also be set to Primary.  The are the primary devices on their own IDE controller.  If both devices were on the same IDE controller, one of them would have the jumper set to Slave.
There can be 2 sets of Config.sys and Autoexec.bat on you system.  If you are in Windows95 looking at them, you might see autoexec.bat and autoexec.dos as well as config.sys and config.dos.  Since you are in Windows95 you will only be concerned with the autoexec.bat and config.sys  since the files with the .dos extention are only used when you "Boot To Previous Version Of DOS" if you are able to do that.  Conflicts with CDROM drives often occur if you are loading a cdrom driver in config.sys and MSCDEX.EXE in autoexec.bat.  I do not have a config.sys OR an autoexec.bat on my computer so I don't worry about conflicts like this.  To see if this might be your problem I suggest you rename autoexec.bat to autoexec.bak and config.sys to config.bak and reboot your system.  This way we will know for sure if you are having DOS device driver problems.  Windows95 should be able to see you CDROM and load its own 32bit drivers for it.  As for the VCD part of the problem, I have run into something similar where I had to run the VideoCD using Media Player and selection VCD from the Device Menu of media player(mplayer.exe) after loading the VCD software.

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UTEKAuthor Commented:
Thank you guys. I got it work by renaming the config.sys and autoexec.bat to something else. How come this works? If the problem is due to the conflict between Win95 and the CDROM driver, then it should also work by deleting the CDROM instruction lines in Config.sys and autoexec.bat. However, I tried it but the win95 doesn't show the CDROM drive, not even in the windows explorer after I reboot the system.
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