Saving processed Image

I would like to know whether I can save a image (which is
processed by using a original image) in gif or jpg format
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remboConnect With a Mentor Commented:

You can find a class that will do a GIF encode of your
image so you can save it to a file at:


Is this for an applet or a stand alone application.

In an applets case you can only save on the server from which you loaded the applet.

Regarding the rest of your question, you are going to need to use an image factory to produce a filter that can save to a gif or jpg format.

If you only want to save in the format that was originaly loaded, the answer is pretty straight forward, if you want the ability to save to other formats, the solution can quickly grow in complexity.

Could yo be more specific on your requirenments?
shriyaAuthor Commented:
to jpk: It is application i am talking.
      i wanted to know whether java has inbuilt class
methods for saving in gif and jpg format.
         like it has inbuilt class loaders for jpg and gif

I am sorry to rembo that i was not clear in specifying
my requirements.


There is not a built-in method for doing this.  However,
the class I referred you to is freeware, and it does
exactly that.


shriyaAuthor Commented:
Thanks Mr Rembo It has solved my requirements.
If u r aware of good java sites with source code
pl send it to me
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