Sound Blaster Problem! (fast!)

I bought an Octave 32 sound card i installed it and it worked ok after i run "AutoDetect from some game sndsetup"
it doesnt appear in win95 and the plug and play can't find him but in at the start when the computer count the memory it's write that he found it, in win95 i installed the drivers and manualy installed it but it doesnt apper!
in dos all the games dont knwo that the card in and say that the game requir a sb card! plz help me i cant stand it!
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Do Window programs understand that the sb exists, or does no sound exist for your window programs too?  Also, go to Control Panel/System/Device Manager, and see if the sb's properties are conflicting with another device's properties.

Let me know how it goes...
dima_shermanAuthor Commented:
i checked the old sb and he work good!!!! but the new one . .
OK. In window's Control Panel, click on Add New Hardware.  Don't do the automatic detect, step through it, and when it asks for the drivers, slap the disk in that came with the sb.  See if that solves your problem.

Let me know how it goes!  Thanks!  :)
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hey dima_sherman does your device manager have the card listed as  ?OTHER.  Also, the part where the computer counts the memory is the PNP bios, not the OS.
you have to get rid of all entries concerning sound in the following files:

autoexec.bat (you do not need this file anyway in Win95)
config.sys (same as above)
win.ini (you need that only for compatability with 16-Bit-programmes)
system.ini (dito)

go to control panel|system|device manager and delete the all sound-devices from the hardware-configuration


reinstall the software that shipped with the card.

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dima_shermanAuthor Commented:
i take other card today in 5 hours and iwill tell ya it was ok!
then i decide who won!
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