No windows login screen displayed

I recently re-installed Win95 on my machine and ever since, I am unable to get the logon screen to come up when I start my machine.  I can get to the screen if I close all programs and login as a different user, but it will not come up when the machine is started.  I have selected client for  microsoft networks in the primary network logon window of the network configuration utility.
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Delete the *.pwl files and reboot...
cbernhardsonAuthor Commented:
The proposed fix did not fix the problem.
Delete all *.pwl files and uninstall Your network drivers from your Settings/Control Panel/Network and reboot.Then Restart and reinstalling the network and rebooting the computer. Then it should prompt for a log in on boot if you installed a lan or after Dial-up if you installed Dial-up.

Hope this helps. :)
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cbernhardsonAuthor Commented:
The solution did not fix the problem.  It was suggested by another party I try deleting AutoLogin from the registry, this had no affect.  My network registry has entries LMLogon 00 00 00 00 and ProcessLoginScript 01 which I also deleted, this made no difference either.
For a windows logon you must have a profile.
To enable user profiles on a local computer
after setup

1. In the Passwords option in Control Panel, click
the User Profiles tab.

2. Click to select the option named Users Can Customize
Their Preferences And Desktop Settings.

3. Click the options you want under User Profile Settings.
These options describe what should be included as part of
the user profile.
4. Shut down and restart the computer.

Tip If you include desktop icons in your user profile,
only the shortcuts (icons that represent links) will be
available when you log on to the network from another
computer. Actual files on your desktop are part of your
local user profile only.

To disable user profiles on a local computer

In the Passwords option in Control Panel, click the User
Profiles tab. Make sure the option named All Users Of
This PC Use The Same Preferences And Desktop Settings is

Note  If an application is installed after user profiles
are enabled with the option to include the Start menu and
Programs in the profile, only the user who was logged on
when the application was installed will have an entry for
that application on the Programs menu. Other users will
have to create shortcuts to the application on their
Programs menus.

I absolutely disagree with that answer...I have no profiles on my system and get the login screen...under passwords-->user profiles, it is checked as all users use the same...
sorry I don't have the answer
cbernhardsonAuthor Commented:
I already had this option selected and the windows login does not display.  David is correct that this option is not needed for the login to come up.
In Password Properties....User Profiles.......Check the box
"User can custumize..........".
Reboot and you should have a logon screen.
cbernhardsonAuthor Commented:
I already have selected that option and no login screen appears on reboot.
Many times I've found that people don't even know they have a profile on their systems. Often when setting up DUN and on reboot the user is prompted for a user name and he or she picks their DUN name. That becomes a profile and they don't even know it.
A quick registry search of you DUN user name can confirm this.
Of course this is 95 we are dealing with and nothing is absolute except problems.
I still love it though:)
Are you connected to a NetWare network?  If so, there are a few more things to try.  If not, I won't cloud the issue by posting them.
start regedit:

\hkey_local_machine\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\network\real mode net

make sure there is a key with the name "autologon" and the value "01"

(This question has been asked over 20 times before) :)
I have a logon without "autologon" key at all.
cbernhardsonAuthor Commented:
I have already tried this with and without the autologon key in the registry.  It makes no difference.
yes smeebud, you might very well have, but with some systems, and some network cards, this fails, then you have to "force" the logon. (the Knowledgebase has quite a few articles on this behaviour..)
A boot manager. There are quite a few free ones. With the click of a mouse you can configure your dos and windows boot options anyway you want them.
There Ultimate is the ones that cone with Partition magic.
For a look at the one I use
------you will find these
 1 -r--r--r--  107.3K 1995 Aug 27
  2 -r--r--r--  206.7K 1994 Jan  6
  3 -r--r--r--   28.5K 1995 Aug 27
  4 -r--r--r--   72.7K 1995 Jul 25
  5 -r--r--r--  413.7K 1995 Jul 17
  6 -r--r--r--   43.6K 1995 Jul 16
  7 -r--r--r--   80.8K 1994 Mar  9
  8 -r--r--r--   39.9K 1995 Jul  5
  9 -r--r--r--   73.1K 1994 Dec 15
 10 -r--r--r--   51.1K 1995 May 31
 11 -r--r--r--    1.4K 1997 Nov 11 files.bbs
 12 -r--r--r--   31.5K 1995 Mar  4


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