Riven- sound problems galore!

I have a major problem with the sound in Riven. I get great game play, but the sound hangs so frequently, that I tried turning off the ambient sounds, to no avail! I have tried everything possible. I have turned off any screen savers I might be running, i have changed my sound card driver's audio tab to "none", i have reinstalled direct X 5 off the cd, and nothing seems to help!
I am running a ESS688 audio driver which I'm told shouldn't be a problem, and I have downloaded the 101 patch.
As I said, I get great game play with stunning visuals, but with major sound problems.
I have a SiS 5596 video driver, 1.2 gig H/Drive, 1 Meg PCI video accelerator, 16 Bit sound card, 16 Meg Ram.
Please can you help!
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Your sound card may not be directx 5 compatible, no matter what the manufacturer says. Does the game have to have the directx 5 drivers, or will it work with an older version, such as directx 3?
If it will work with directx 3, go to control panels, add remove programs, and remove directx drives. Then go to one of these sites and get the directx 3 drivers and install and try them.

I don't mind that you rejected my answer, but some idea as to why would be really helpfull. Did you try it and it did not work? If you didn't try it, why not? Gimmie a little help here.
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pinballAuthor Commented:
Yup, well I tried to remove my direct X drivers, but couldn't . I was only able to make changes, and restore my old drivers. I wasn't able to remove them at all.
I tried reinstalling directx, but still have the same problems.
My cd sound gets stuck , but the visuals are fine.
My computer "hangs" every now and again - but not as much as it used to.
...Sound seems a fraction better, but i still have the same problem.
PLease help !!!
pinballAuthor Commented:
Sorry Mate, didn't mean to sound ungrateful, but I think there is something else that we both are missing, and it's driving me crazy.
I have now also discovered 3D problems with some of my screen savers!!! Help!
They keep couhging up the same error message, "invalid page default in module CRTDLL, and in module OPENGL.32.
Could this have anything to do with my problem, or do I just have ANOTHER major problem?
What exactly happens when you go to add remove programs and click on directx, then on remove? What error messages do you get? You can also try to reinstall your original sound card drivers. Do you still have them?
pinballAuthor Commented:
ok, I click on add/remove, and I get a list of directx installed components, all of which have certified next to them barring one. - PRIMARY DISPLAY DR.
"Restore audio Drivers" and "Restore display Drivers" are grey.
I have a check next to "Direct 3D Hardware Acceleration enabled"
All I have to click on is "OK", and "CANCEL", and when I click on "OK"...nothing happens.
THanx for your help, I feel like a total #$%^&head!
"Restore x drivers" in the DirectX context means to remove the direct x drivers and restore whatever drivers you had installed before you installed directx.  If those options are ghosted, then you are probably not running directx drivers for those components.  Also, if sound works sometimes, but not others, is this a plug and play sound card?  are there any conflict with it or any other sounds?  Is this a DOS game or win95?  is it played in win 95 or in DOS mode?
pinballAuthor Commented:
Thanx for the response.
The game runs on Windows 95, and I have an Adlib Gold /Soundblaster compatible sound card installed when I bought the PC.
It's not a plug and play card.
I always have problems with the sound, it doesn't come and go. It's always the same.
I have installed Direct X 3 as well as Direct X 5, so how can I not have the correct drivers for them.
Riven installs Direct X 5 automatically.
I have tried uninstalling them both and then reinstalling them, but nothing seems to work.
I recommend you give up on the sound card as Microsoft is highly unlikely to ever support it properly (if they support anything properly at all anyhow) and purchase a true sound blaster card if you wish to be sure of compatibility.  It sounds as if your sound card is just a generic brand one that claims true compatibility but does not and as time goes on you'll have more and more problems with it and games.

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pinballAuthor Commented:
Thanx, I suppose now is a good time to upgrade my sound card.
I suspected it might be the problem
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