Free server that can run VB apps

Does anyone know of a free Win95/NT server that can run VB apps.

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alamoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you have NT, there is a web server included (it's on the CD). It's now a year old but works just fine.

For NT or for Win95, Microsoft has the latest version of their Personal Web Server available for download at

Once you compile the VB app to an .exe they will run just fine with just about any server.

Good luck!
jflAuthor Commented:
VB apps must run in cgi-win, and what free server allows this?
VB apps don't *have* to use cgi-win, they can be programmed to use standard CGI using STDIN and STDOUT. There's a file on the web, CGI4VB, which does this for you. If you are doing a new application I recommend highly using this, there's a lot more support for standard CGI out there than for cgi-win.

But if you have existing cgi-win programs or source and just want to make it work, you can get a free server that supports cgi-win at O'Reilly Software. Their latest version, Website 2.0, is free for 30 day eval, but the old 1.1 version is completely free (not eval). Click on the "free software" link on the left side of the page at

Good luck!
You can run VB apps from any NT/95 web server with :
a. WINCGI - yuck.

also, you can take a look at the book: "CGI programming with Visual Basic 5" on instructions on how to do this right...

Hi, jfl, could you please grade this? Thanks!
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