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Eudora Internet Mail Server (EIMS)

cbuser asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-27
I want to install a mail server for our office, so that all users (which are running Windows 3.11, Windows 95 and MacOS) could send/receice e-mail to each other as well as to outside internet addresses.

To do this, I thought I'd set up a separate computer where a mail server software would run, which connects to our ISP at predetermined times via a modem connection. I have an own domain name for the company; the WWW part is running on a virtual server at our ISP, but he said it is not a problem to have a different server for e-mail. He can offer SMTP or UUCP connection to exchange messages.

Rather than setting up a WinNT or Linux mail server, I thought that using EIMS 2.0 would save me much hassle. I have a spare Mac IIci, which, according to the indications in Qualcomm's WWW pages, is sufficient to have EIMS running. I would just need a NuBus 10Base-T card, but this should not be a problem.

But there are some questions remaining:

- Can EIMS 2.0 be used at all for dial-up connections or does it want a permanent connection? EIMS 1.2 freeware obviously wants permanent connection, but I did not see anything mentioned in the EIMS 2.0 description.

- Can EIMS be used to dial at pre-determined times, exchange messages and hang up again? Or is it possible to do this with AppleScript?

- The Qualcomm web pages don't say what the maximum number of users (addresses) is, and how the number of users/addresses affects memory usage. They only write: "even small organizations can have hundreds of people using different aliases and host multiple domains".

- EIMS 2.0 is "sold electronically". Has anyone dealt with this purchasemethod? And why can't I use it when I am not "inside the United States and Canada", as Qualcomm writes?

Thank you for any tips and experiences.       Christian.
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No offense, but I count five difficult questions. You should raise your difficulty and point value.

Um, it doesn't seem like any of use have used this product so we can't help you too much. However I am willing to bet that the reason you can't use it outside of US and Canada is becuase of restrictions on the exportation of encryption technology from the US.  Why don't you email this question to the sales people at Qualcomm.
This is going to be a part answer/part comment.  Feel free to reject this answer if you don't think it helps any.

In regards to your first and second question -- according to the EIMS webpage at http://www.eudora.com/eims/, the "Why is EIMS so much better than other Macintosh mail servers?" table there has a section that says:


I would like to send my company's email to the Internet during off-peak hours so it's less expensive to connect.

Intermittent Connections

SMTP/ETRN extension along with AppleEvents provides support for starting mail queues.

You save money on Internet connections. You can collect mail in                 the queue and send it all at once rather than distributing mail several times a day.  Saves $$$.


This sounds like it will do what you want.  I haven't used EIMS 2.0 yet but maybe what it does is just make TCP/IP connections at designated intervals instead of processing everything immediately and rely on your PPP client to handle going online or offline with your ISP.

I take it you're using a PPP client like FreePPP or something similar to connect to your ISP?  Some of the PPP clients have an option to permit applications to start up PPP and do a default login to your ISP.

Then either it can be sent an AppleEvent to stop the PPP connection or you can set it up to just timeout and hangup after a certain number of idle minutes or something.  Some of this stuff can be controlled via AppleScript.

In regards to your fourth question –– I've done electronic purchases before but not for EIMS 2.0.  It appears Qualcomm is using software.net as their online commercial distributor instead
of handling it themselves.

In general, the way most of these electronic purchasing systems work is you fill out a webpage form with all your info (name, address, credit card info, etc.), you submit this info using a secure SSL connection, then the server does some basic checking of the data you enter for validity (i.e. address info, credit card number), and if it says everything is OK, it then presents to you a webpage that lets you directly download the software.

Some variants in this procedure is that some systems may instead
email you the location of where to download the files and also send you some sort of serial number, password, or activation code, so only you can access it.

Assuming you have no qualms about sending your personal data over the Internet, this is a very quick way to purchase commercial software.

I also agree with ipierce's comment regarding the U.S and Canada only use limitation may be due to the fact that EIMS contains code dealing with encryption routines which are illegal to export outside of the U.S. and Canada without some sort of special license.

If you check out the About box in EIMS 1.2, at the very bottom, it lists "parts derived from the RSA Data Security, Inc. MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm".  A lot of the stuff from RSA is under U.S. export restrictions.  Any computer program that uses their stuff must maintain these restrictions.  I would assume EIMS 2.0 contains the same (or more) code from RSA.

Further evidence can found in the EIMS 2.0 demo license:

5.  Export Law Assurances.  You agree and certify that neither the Software or any other technical data received from QUALCOMM, nor the direct product thereof, will be exported outside the United States except as authorized and as permitted by the laws and regulations of the Untied States.  If the Software has been rightfully obtained by you outside of the United States, you agree that you will not re-export the Software nor any other technical data received from QUALCOMM, or the direct product thereof, except as permitted by the laws and regulations of the United States and the laws and regulations of the jurisdiction in which you obtained the Software.

6.  Government End Users.  If the Software is supplied to the United States Government, the Software is classified as "restricted computer software" as defined in clause 52.227-19 of the FAR.  The United States Government's rights to the Software are as provided in clause 52.227-19 of the FAR.

One other reason I can think of that the online purchasing may not work for users outside of the U.S. or Canada is maybe that the online purchasing system doesn't yet have the capability to check the validity of non-U.S./Canada addresses or credit card information.  I'm not sure about this though.  A cursory browse through software.net's purchasing system seems to indicate it should be able to handle international transactions, though.

One last thing, you might be able to discover the answers to your questions by yourself by trying out the 60-day time-limited demo of EIMS 2.0.  There's a webpage at http://www.eudora.com/eims/demos/ that tells you how to get it or you can just FTP it directly from ftp://ftp.qualcomm.com/eudora/eims2/demo2/eims2demo.hqx.

You can try the demo out for a while and if it works the way you want, then you can purchase the full unlimited version when you're ready.

I also echo ipierce's comment to try and pass your questions to the Qualcommm since they can probably better answer it.

According to the demo README file at ftp://ftp.qualcomm.com/eudora/eims2/demo2/README, the email address for EIMS sales questions is "eims-questions@eudora.com".

Good luck!

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Now THERE was a thorough answer!  Next time, post the whole Eudoara Manual.  ;-)
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