Screen Saver Quit Working

My screen saver has quit working.  Unless I go under screen saver properties and make a change to the timmeout period and apply, the screen saver and system suspend functions do not work.  But after making the change all is well.
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It sounds like you fixed you own problem:
Will you tell us the vitals your system, ie; cpu make and model,
How much ram , pci, type of mouse, video adapter, network, what
kind of Network Adapter, significant software and anything you
can think of.

There are many variables and we could spend weeks trying to
solve something while I don't know what we're working with. :)
I have a cdr and whenever I run my CDR software, it automatically shuts off the screen savers as well as other things that may interfere with its operation.  Maybe you are running a program that does the same thing.

Screen savers are famous for causing all sorts of problems not to mention simply not working.  I would suggest you try a different screen saver or not use one at all.  After all screen savers with displays these days are really not needed, except as toys or for asthetic reasons.  If you are really concerned about burn in, simply use one of the ones that come with the OS, or just turn off your monitor.
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caustinAuthor Commented:
The screen saver functions was working, then for some unknown reason it just stopped.  I don't use it as a toy, I set my system for 5 minute blank screen follwed by a 15 suspend.  I suppose I could just turn the monitor off as tkd_jay suggest, but I would prefer to use the automatic function that is available in Win95.

My system is a Digital Starion 915, P100, 72mb ram, Stealth 3d Video (4mb), Digital 17" monitor, USR 56.6 modem set up on a peer-to-peer LAN.

You didn't say what screen saver it was or where you got it. Some screen savers are not free, and they will stop after a short time, usually to bug you for money, but I wouldn't be surprised if one or two didn't just stop.  

So going into the properties and making a change to revive it would make sense in this case.  If you do not believe this to be the problem, please tell me the name and author of the screensaver.  Where can I get a copy of it to examine?
Blank.scr shuts my monitor off right after thje screen saver is activated. I got rid of it. Please try another standard scr and post your results.
caustinAuthor Commented:
joe_mass, The screen saver is the stock item that came on the MS WIN95 cd.  No after market stuff involved.
caustinAuthor Commented:
For smeebud, blank screen, flying windows, marque, etc., etc., it dosen't matter.  It's the same problem.
In your question you say, "But after making the change all is well." I assume you mean all well until next boot? Yes?
It's possible something is corrupt in your configuration.  Try to do a Win95 reload, it should replace an altered, or missing files.
please post some of the software you have and if the problem started after installing anything, like office 97, Word, Ms Exchange, IE..any and all please.
caustinAuthor Commented:
OK, joe and Smee...Right, it's works fine until the next boot.  Reloading win95 has already been tried.  The only software I currently have loaded is Office97, Adobe Acrobat, Flt Sim 98 and Iomega Tools for my ZIP drive.
I know you've seen the answer in the newsgroups, so you should also know that you need the latest patch for Office97.
It's one of it's biggest, or more annoying bugs.
I don't now where to get it yet but let work on that because that's what all the MVP's say.
I'm working on finding the patch now

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caustinAuthor Commented:
smeebud, when you write, "It's one of the biggest, or most annoying bugs." are you referring to the screen saver quitting?
And, I'm not familiar with MVP, what does that stand for?
No, I'm refering to Office 97.
MVP= microsoft most valuable person

Here's where to get the patch

I'm going to ask Dew to join us as he will assure us if we are doing this right or not.
Go aread and Download the patch, bit don't apply it until we hear from the man.

Hi Bud, thanks for the invitation. I would add the SR-1 patch for office 97, as it does cure many of the screen saver related problems. When adding it though, I would close all running programs with the Close Programs dialogue box except for Systray and Explorer and then add the update. Based upon what Caustin has said, I would also take a real hard look at that Iomega drive and it software. We have been seeing more and more problems with that recently.
Best regards,
caustinAuthor Commented:
smeebud, Thank you for the help, when I signed on it was from a recommendation from someone on a news group who read my question there.  I never expected to get such as effort to be put forth on what really seems to be a silly but annoying problem.  Again, thanks very much, this sounds like it should be the solution. caustin
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