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Help makeing a dynamic IP more stable.

Jasper111997 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-03-18
Ok, heres what I want to do:

        A. Find a place to gave me a Dynamic DNS(As I dial-in and have
dynamic ip addressing.) I need a free one, as I'm completely broke.

        B. I NEED a place to store my email while I'm offline. I'm told
that sendmail has options to do this, called MX options. To be more
specific I need a place that will buffer all my machines(Not just one
users, all users) incomming emails while my computer is off line, and
send them to my machine as soon as it finds that my dynamic address is
once again excepting connections(say, it checks once every 10min or so).
It would only need a few megs of storage, as I'm almost always online

        C. A fully subscribed nntp server that wouldn't mind being used as
my machines default nntp server. Needs to have all the groups to, not just
the ones people feel are "nice" or "in good taste".

Ok, once I find thoughs things(For free, as I can't even buy a pack of gum
right now, I've got something like 8 cents to my name.) I need to make a
script to:

        A. Auto connect upon request.(ie, as soon as you try a remote
connection, it atempts to connect to my isp & runs all the other scripts
nesesary to do whats listed here, diald would do this, if I've heard

        B. Automaticly sets the proper new ip /etc/hosts .

I'm thinking of doing the scripting in Perl, as it would be easier(For
me) to write. I would like any input anyone has on places to go to look
for the kinds of services I'm looking for. I know ml.org will let me add
MX options, but I need a place to store the mail, as they don't provide
that. I know about dejanews, but it's web only. I'd like a nntp that did
not remove binarys, but I can live without as long as it's free :) Also,
I have not idea how to configure sendmail to do what I've stated, so I
hope soemone will give me some pointers there to.

BTW: I'm running a heavily modified RH4.2 with a lot of RH4.9.1 additons
& seperate installs. With the exception of sendmail & nntp configuration,
I pretty much know what I'm doing. I've been running Linux for the past
two & 1/2 years(Slackware at first, then RedHat when 4.1 came out), and
don't run any other operating systems on my computer. I've been wanting
to do this since about the second month of running Linux, but this is the
first time I've truly felt up to the task.

Thanx in advance for any help, even just pointer to other: pages,groups,
or mail listings to try posting this message on.

BTW: Please excuse any spelling errors I missed, my spelling
is not what I'd like it to be...

Jasper <tleareth@hotmail.com>
-- You've got to lose, to know how to win.
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Edited text of question

You've too much question for only 100 points :). And to tell you
the truth, nothing is free these days. Best of luck to find
any of the things you asked for free. :)) I would pay 1000 points
for those !! Any takers ??

I can answer the dynamic dns thing for you, but the rest of it is just too much for 100 points!  I know where you can get a free static address that points to your dynamic IP machine...

Change the value of the question, or make it a lot shorter please!


210 is all I currently have, so It's all I can offer :)
As I gain points, I'll up it. Sorry...

Okay...  I'll give you everything except the actual scripting. http://www.jammed.com/~newzbot/ will give you a list of free public NNTP servers.

Grab a dyn.ml.org address for your stable IP, and get the Java dynDNS client which can update your address every time you go online.

With regards to an MX server that will let you store your stuff for free...  I'm afraid such a thing just doesn't exist.  I spent about an hour looking for anything like that, but the closest I got were ISPs offering free MX storage if you were a client (100 or so bucks...).

I would suggest contacting any nearby universities, and see if either they, or their computer science club, would mind hosting your MX server.  They might ask for a small amount of money, but it should still be much cheaper than an ISP.

I hope this helps you.

If you are an active student, contact your school.  Grade and
High schools in TX are allowed use of a state government supported network, and teachers and supposedly secondary school studennts are allowed access too.

The HOUNIX users group (UNIX Users Group) in Houston, TX allows free (with paid membership) UUCP accounts that gives free e-mail and news feeds.  Look for the local UUCP maps for your area, and find someone else who is on UUCP.  A connection to one or two of them via dialup is all you need for e-mail and other UUCP uses (file transfer, USENET NEWS, you can even fake ftp by going through some ftp e-mail servers).

The HAL-PC Users Group in Houston has the fastest, cheapest internet service in town - given you want a reliable one - it is about $40/year dues and $10/month (in 6 month increments I think) for internet access.

I have heard rumors of free or almost free access if you are a
member of the DFWUUG (Dallas/Ft. Worth Unix Users Group, or something similar).  Check around your area for access!

I have heard of free access being available in some places, but remember, someone pays somewhere, so there 'ain't no free lunch' in the long run.  You might even offer to 'volunteer' some time as an admin or helpdesk grunt at a local college/school or mom&pop ISP shop to get your 'free' access.  I had free ISP access for a year or so by doing 'free consulting' for a local ISP, and maintaining web pages for a volunteer organization.  So it DOES happen!

If you have net access and want to have a stabilized name, you need to check out http://www.ml.org ... they have free DNS registration under ..ml.org  and a way to do free  dynamic DNS
updates.  You can even have a web page on Geocities or some other free place and ml.org can help make it look like it is somewhere else.

Even if you have access and your own domain, you will want to have someone with FULL TIME access to host an MX record for you.  It basically means they need to say OK to being a secondary mail host.  You will set up your site as the primary, and theirs as the secondary, and when you arn't on the net, the mail will accumulate at their site.  If you are running UNIX or a UNIX clone, you can have a 'sendmail -q' command (if I remember right) run once you connect to send/recieve all pending mail for your domain.

In short, ask around your area, see what you can do for others, and in the course of doing good for others, you can have many of your needs met too!

BTW, how do you get a 'free' almost full time telephone for your online use?  <grin>

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JCoats has basicly just reiterated what I said.


It didn't exactly answer the question I asked, but I was in the right direction. I already have a free internet connection and don't have to pay for the phone line where I live. What I needed
was possible sites to ask about hosting my secondary mail, and the dynamic ip thing. I have checked out ml now and find it perfect. Thank you for your help.
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