Windows protected error

Hello, I'm a windows 95 sbs and a client configuration in pc with 32 MB RAM, but I need to make a ramdrive with 16MB to put it windows client configuration, if I load ramdrive.sys I make the ramdrive but then windows 95 when load have a protected error and must to reboot the system, if I remove ramdrive.sys from config.sys in the bootable disk windows 95 works well.
What Can I do?, I need the ramdrive because the machines does'nt have hard disk...

Thank you.
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What's a "windows 95 sbs"?
You must have a hard drive.
What path are you getting the ramdrive.sys from?
It should be from Windows\command\
johnt... how could he get that path if there is no HDD?
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When... He does get ramdrive.sys from somewhere, as for the rest of Windows 95, right? I doubt it comes on floppy
I think juani is perhaps new to computers and doesn't know he has a HDD.
Talk to us juani:)
Guys, "SBS" stands for "Server Based Setup"!

Juani: Would you post here the contents of both the Config.sys and Autoexec.bat files so that we may look at them!

Juani: I suspect that you are loading ramdrive in lower memory. Try loading it in upper memory, DEVICEHIGH= and try that.
Try the /A and /E also.
Try this info I pulled off of Technet...

device=<path>\ramdrive.sys <x> /E
   where <path> specifies the location for Ramdrive.sys and <x> is equal
   to the total amount of RAM (converted from megabytes to kilobytes) minus
   4096 (4 megabytes are required for Windows 95 to start). For example,
   if you installed Windows 95 on drive C in a folder called Windows and
   your computer has 16 megabytes (MB) of RAM, add the following line:
      device=c:\windows\ramdrive.sys 12288 /E
   The value 12288 is derived from the following formula using the
   example above:
      (16 * 1024) - 4096 = 12288 bytes
   NOTE: The Ramdrive.sys line must follow the Himem.sys line, or the RAM
   drive may not function.
   NOTE: Windows 95 is limited to a 16-MB RAM drive. For additional
   information, please see the following article in the Microsoft
   Knowledge Base:

Try renaming smartdrv.exe to something else (found in the windows folder)
I have been told that sometimes smartdrv will cause windows protection errors...

See if this works and let us know...


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Conan: Did you read the question and the posts. It's a server based setup, not run from a hard drive.

Juani: Ckezema's answer is in appropriate at this point. On a server based setup DO NOT make any calls using Smartdrv in any manner, you run the risk of taking the server down.
juaniAuthor Commented:
Thank you to all experts that have interest in my problem, but any solutions work, I put it my config.sys and my autoexec.bat for if this can help you for help me:


DEVICEHIGH=ramdrive.sys 16000 /E
device=display.sys con=(ega,,1)


mode con codepage prepare=((850) ega.cpi)
mode con codepage select=850
keyb sp,,keyboard.sys
set comspec=s:\win95\command\
snapshot /S
net start NWRedir
net use S: \\minerva\soft\window31
net use T: \\minerva\soft\public\win95\windows
xcopy t:*.* c:\ /s/e
setmdir /r:c:\windows

Where S: is the device where are the Windows 95 SBS and T: where is the client configuration.

Please tell me something, it's a hard problem for me...

Thanks all.
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