I need to print in my printer. It's a Olivetti JP150. I can use it normally to print from windows. I have followed all the instructions in the manual, but I still can't do it right. Help me please. Thanks

With my computer I can print from any windows application perfectly well. But from Autocad I can't even see it in the printers / plotters list.
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ckezemaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you have a choice use the HP Deskjet printer drivers that come with Autocad (for Dos)

In fact a disk came with that printer, that may have the autocad for dos drivers...(I used to own an Olivetti JP150...and I always had to use the HP Deskjet drivers for certain programs..)

Hope this helps

Need a bit more details. Does it print at all? If so, what does it give?
If it doesn't print, does the printer get something?
If I understand right, it prints alright from any Windows app but AutoCAD?
polichinelaAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
Is it a Windows version of AUTOCAD that you are using? version 12 comes both for DOS and Windows.
AFAIK, release 12 of AutoCAD was DOS-only. You stuck with CAD's
set of printers. What you need to do is following: check printer
manuals for compatible models and try to setup these printers in
AutoCAD. Otherwise you need to check printer floppies for CAD
driver (like most video card manufacturers do).
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