Virtual terminal screen scroll back

When I scroll back using Shift+Page-Up, I scroll back half a screen. Does anyone know how to change this to a full screen scroll? Thanks.
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hmm, that is the default behaviour - 1/2 a screen.  I'll
jack around and see if theres a way to change that.
There is no simple way of doing this - what you would need to do if you wished to change this is to rewrite the code so that it loops once when you press the scrollback keys and exwecutes two scrollbacks - this is the easiest way.


t2ppAuthor Commented:
Thanks uni, but I don't see an answer here :) Will wait to see what xterm comes up with. Thanks anyway.
The source is hardcoded to 1/2 screen. No way to change outside the kernel source.

You can change this at two places in the kernel source: either scroll_back in drivers/char/keyboard.c (if you want a fixed number of lines), or drivers/char/console.c (if you want a precentage of the screen).

The easiest way to do full screen scrolls is to change
      lines = video_num_lines/2;
      lines = video_num_lines;

and the same change to scrollfront to make page down behave in the same way...


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t2ppAuthor Commented:
Thanks hno. I think that's about the best answer I'll get.
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