Getting PPP running on Redhat 4.1

I have just installed RedHat Linux 4.1 on a new system, and can't seem to get networking going.  On my previous system, I managed to get it going by trial and error hacking, but would like to do it "right" this time (especially since I can't remember what I did before!).  

My initial kernel build had modules enabled; I got the old favorite problem with incompatible versions and undefined symbols in modules, and finally in disgust, disabled the modular kernel stuff and compiled everything right into the bloody kernel.  

I used RedHat's control panel for network setup and configured a ppp0 device as per instructions.  I made sure I had the loopback device configured, and made sure that networking was enabled in the kernel.  

On my previous system, I used Dip to dial up my ISP;  I am using the exact same script on this system, which dials and connects uneventfully.  However, when it gets to the very last step, switching to PPP mode, it drops the line.  I tried going through the whole procedure manually so I could see the dialog, and all looks normal.  I suspect that Dip is unable to make a socket connection or whtever the kernel uses, and bails out, but that is only a guess.

BTW, I have OS/2 installed in another partition on this system, and it connects happily to the same ISP through the same modem;  therefore, I am quite sure I am dealing with a Linux configuration issue here, not a hardware problem.

Any ideas?  What should I check?


Justin Harlow
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recompile your kernel with TCP/IP networking enabled,
as well as PPP. BTW, you can make them modules if you
install kerneld and make "make modules; make modules_install"
afterward. Then write a simple script for "chat" (from "pppd")
or send me your email and I'll send you mine as attachemnt,
but this should not be necessary - it's rather simple

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You can also make a PPP script in the /usr/doc/ppp-...../scripts/ppp-on
Edit this file with the appropiate numbers and launch it with
./ppp-on, check first on what device your modem is !

harlowAuthor Commented:
Thanks to all.  I went back to square 1 and rebuilt the kernel.  This time, I enabled some of the network things (e.g. Ethernet) that I had disabled before, and pretty much let it have its way on defaults.  Now it seems to work fine, although I really don't know which of the changes made the difference.  Oh well...
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