Using the Rich Edit Component

I would like to use the Rich Edit component to function like a HTML Editor. (i.e. Whatever that is in the '<>' tag will be color coded)

I also need the color coding to be generated whenever a new character is keyed into the Rich Edit component.

Can anyone teach me how to do it?
You time is greatly appretiated
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 You'll probably find this question (still unanswered) interesting, as it is basically the same as yours.

Why don't you just use some components which already implement this?
Here is a portion of my code that highlights all "and"s and "or"s in a one line TRichEdit recusively. (i colorize the rich edit on the OnExit event)

if speed is not a big concern then you can do a similar thing
in the onchange event i would guess.

on a line by line basis
   i := find pos of '<'  
   j := pos of '>' starting from i
   highlight from  s[i] to s[j] (see my highlight proc below)
until alldone

procedure TMainForm.RichEditExit(Sender:TObject);

var s    : string;
    i, j : integer;
    SelS, SelL : integer;

procedure HighLight(i, j:integer);

(Sender As TRichEdit).SelStart := i;
(Sender As TRichEdit).SelLength := j;
(Sender As TRichEdit).SelAttributes.Color := clGrayText;
(Sender As TRichEdit).SelLength := 0;

(Sender As TRichEdit).Text := Trim((Sender As TRichEdit).Text);
SelS :=  (Sender As TRichEdit).SelStart;
SelL :=  (Sender As TRichEdit).SelLength;

s := (Sender As TRichEdit).text;
i := pos(' and ', s);
j := i ;
while i > 0 do
  Highlight(j-1, 4);
  Delete(s, 1, i+4);
  i := pos(' and ', s);
  j := j + i + 4;

s := (Sender As TRichEdit).text;
i := pos(' or ', s);
j := i ;
while i > 0 do
  Highlight(j-1, 3);
  Delete(s, 1, i+3);
  i := pos(' or ', s);
  j := j + i + 3;

(Sender As TRichEdit).SelStart  := SelS;
(Sender As TRichEdit).SelLength := SelL;;


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ermacAuthor Commented:
It's works but I think it's a bit too slow...
Any other way to speed it up??
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