lex/yacc for C++

I'm looking for lex/yacc for C++. I found flex++ which serves my purpose from the parser point of view. Now yacc I found bison++ but the problem is that bison is very strict with respect to copyright. It says that if I use bison then any software created by using bison should be free. I need this in a commercial application so I can't use bison. Is there any other yacc++ which is like flex++ with respect to copying issues?
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If bison++ say you can not sell your application then flex should do the same. They are part of the same GNU project. Anyway there are several comersion lex/yacc application that can create c++ code. I don't remember any names. But I think one was called visual yacc.
Tommy HuiEngineerCommented:
You should check out MKS Yacc and Lex. They provide the PC version of the UNIX tools with the same name.
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agjAuthor Commented:
I was not looking for the PC version. I need it in unix. Anyway, I started looking more closely and they redefined the conditions on bison. As of bison 1.24 I'm able to use for non-free software. I am hence, using bison++/flex++.
Have a look at PCCTS!

You can find it at:

It does what you want and even has some nice documentation
coming with it!



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Take a look at AnaGram.  It is FAR AND AWAY superior to lex/flex/YACC/Bison/PCCTS, etc.  You can find it at www.parsifalsoft.com.  It isn't free, however.


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