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reading/writing to a file using getchar/putchar

How would I copy a file using getchar and putchar?  I have to use those function calls.  As far as I can tell, those functions read and write from/to stdin and stdout.  The only way I have figured so far, is to use freopen to open the files.  However, I need to write to the screen after I have finished copying the file.  If I were to use freopen, how can I tell it to stop using the file as stdout?  Or, if you could suggest a way other than freopen, what would that be? I can not use function calls like fgetc or fputc.  I have to use getchar and putchar.
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Are you not allowed to go with fgetc() and fputc()?
cokeman_Author Commented:
Edited text of question
Then can you dup(STDOUT_FILENO) before you freopen?
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It is anyway a mess, since freopen() gives back a FILE *.
Maybe, if you tell what is this for, we can give some meaningful advice (well, at least, i need it).
Tommy HuiEngineerCommented:
Well, if you must use getchar and putchar, then the only thing you can change is what stdin and stdout is pointing to. In this case, you will need to use redirect stdin and stdout using the command line shell:

  myprog <inputfile >outputfile

This will cause your program (myprog) to be executed with the stdin of inputfile and stdout with outputfile.


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That's certainly the easiest way, but if you don't have that option,
you can still do in your program the same thing that the shell does
when it redirects your stdin and stdout.
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