Kill the ftp process !

I want to have a sh shell script to kill all the ftp process which have run for more than 2 hrs. I can find out those ftp process by using ps -ef | grep ^ftp
Also, I am not a super user, so I need a way to test it
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There is no way in shell scripts checking the run time of a process, only idle time.
set p = `ps | grep ftp`
echo run time of process is $p[3]

Thats the idletime, not runtime,
set p=`ps -ef| grep sched`
echo $p[3]
-> 0

Now... I dont think shed has run for 0 time units ;-) Its a BIT to important for the system. The machines uptime is months. Yes, I used a Sys V, Solaris, but it wouldnt do any difference if I use ps -ef on a BSDish ps... still is the idle time in $p[3] cuz I tried this with /usr/ucb/ps.

set p=`/usr/ucb/ps -ef`
echo $p[3]
-> 0.00

So my answer is still... runtime cant be accessed through ps ina  shell.

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P=`ps | grep ftp`
T=`echo $P | cut -f3 -d' ' -`
echo run time of process is $T

This I yield to... on a Sys V, not BSD. Cuz then it shows accumulated CPU time. So I back up.

(it didnt work with BSDish ps, but with Sys V ps).
I didn't say -ef, since I thought that might be more system dependent,
but on my system  
set p=`/usr/ucb/ps -ef`
echo $p[3]
$p[7] or $p[8] would be run time,
(depending on how many fields STIME took)

Yapp... hence this discussion as coming to a "prestige" level, I took time to read the man files ;-)

I was though certain runtime wasnt in a ps listing, cause normally only ideltime is of interest. Then I suddenly knew where I got that erroneous idea from... w.

So, you deserve the points :-)
Hope clo1 realizes that.

Thanks for an interesting discussion, it sure lightened up my afternoon.
clo1Author Commented:
All I want is just check the time, if it is more than two hrs, so I need to kill this process.
If you really want to check run time, and not elapsed time or idle time, you might do something like:
F=`ps -ef | grep ftp`
while test -n "$P"
T=`echo $P | cut -f3 -d' ' -`
if test $T -gt 120
PID=`echo $P | cut -f1 -d' ' -`
kill $PID
P=`echo $P |  cut -f 5- -d' '`

On Solaris, Column 5 of ps output is STIME - starting time
of the process. (If you have another OS, your mileage may vary,
but it should be documented in the man page). You can
compare the STIME to the current time. If it's more than 2 hours,
you can kill it.
How to test? start a bunch of ftps to a remote site. Let them
sit there. run your script. It'll kill them because the processes are yours
I am not sure there is a neat way to do this. It would probably be easier to write a simple program which returns the wall time of the named process. You could then use this program's output to work out which processes to kill.

The program would be placed in a for loop, would be handed each process id, and then you would look at the individual answers returned.

In fact, you don't even have to write the code for this program, Stevens includes it in Advanced Programming in the UNIX environment... The source code for this book is available at: in published/books/stevens.advprog.tar.Z the program is in section 8.15.

Is this any help?

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