Need NIC driver

I have a APEXDATA multicard (ether + modem)
Where can I find the driver for linux
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tabitConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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Here's the URL I found for drivers:
But I doubt it has any linux drivers.
You might want to ask them directly. Check this URL to do so:

Hope it helped.
LINUX drivers are programmed voluntarily by people around the world. These people generally only program drivers for well-accepted cards but not for very special cards.

Do the following:

1. go to and follow the links to the newest hardware-compatibility-list

2. If you do not find your card there, you should ask the vendors of commercial X-servers, whether they support your card.

3. otherwise you have to program the drivers yourself.

There are a lot of good reasons for a non-commercial-OS, but there are some flaws also: one is, that not every board-maker programs a driver for you.


ginaaAuthor Commented:
I just think if some one give me the driver or tell me that is no answer, then I will accept
In the situation, it seems no answer
thanks for your time
In the further, if anyone find the driver, then give me a hint. Thanks everyone

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