How convert a Postscript file to TIFF?

I have a music publishing programme that can output in its own format or in pure postscript.  I need to integrate several independent graphics from it into a pagemaker publication, but need to convert the graphics to a format that pagemaker can handle.  Is there a graphics converter that can read .PS and save as .TIF?   Or can you suggest any other solution?
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johnnie_dConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm not sure how your program defines "pure postscript" but in the graphics world I would define that as "eps" or encapsulated postscript. Most graphics programs like Adobe Photoshop can handle that format, but if you don't have that rather costly program there are alternatives.  
If you are on the PC there is a great little shareware tool that you can get most anywhere and it's main purpose is file translation. It is called Paint Shop Pro by a company called JASC, Inc. If you open your native file ".eps" file in PaintShop you then will be able to save it as a ".tif". That should do it. You can do a search for the program in Yahoo or just go to and download it (a few megs). I use the program for all types of conversions. Good luck
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Benedict060897Author Commented:
I already know about Ghostscript, but it does not give sufficient quality of output (75dpi is all I can get) without a postscript printer.  I need something that can simple read the ps file and save as a good quality (300dpi) TIFF.
Doesn't -r300 do anything fo you?
Benedict060897Author Commented:
Sounds worth a try.  Thanks

Meanwhile, my colleage is trying 'ozo's'
"Doesn't -r300 do anything fo you?"
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