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how do I change the accepted resolution(DPI settings) that word 7 will accept? Trying to link into it with my scanner software at around 600 DPI, and message tells me that word 7 won't accept higher than 300 DPI.   Thanks
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tabitConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It depends on your scanner software how you can change the settings. Start your scanner-software and set them to the position you want and save them. If you scan directly from word and your scanner-software-window does not pop up by itself, WORD will read the standard-settings from your scan-software and work as you whish.



What brand of scanner is that?? Could you tell me exactly what do you want to achieve. (e.g.: like do you want to use 600DPI scanned images in WORD or what etc...)

word 7 doenst handle direct scanning of >300 DPI at all, from what i have heard.
Dear fenceman,

the following is the way I get my pictures ito my text-documents:

I scan them using the scanner-software,
use a graphics editor to match up the picture and then
either import them or do a copy&paste using ctrl+c in the graphics editor and ctrl+v in the text-processor...
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