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matrix handling function

how to determine the transpose and inverse of a matrix A and Matrix B using C language
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latinoAuthor Commented:
It depends on the dimension of the matrix, because there exists
different algorithm. If you are interessted in such codes use
the book Numerical Recipes for C.
latinoAuthor Commented:
I need some help about this online so if any info let me know
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Pls tell my what is the dimension of the matrix, is it a sparse matrix, ... This information is needed to determine which algorithm you should use.

to do this you Dynamically allocate and then perform whatever operation you need using the operator [].
the example below transpotse a matrix of n,m dimention.

#include <conio.h>
#include <Stdio.h>
#include <alloc.h>

void getinput ( int **ArrayPtr , int raws , int cols );
int **transpose( int **ArrayPtr , int raws , int cols );
void display( int **ArrayPtr ,int raws ,int cols );

void main()
 int **ArrayIn;
 int raws,cols;
 int i,j;


 printf("Enter Number Of Raws : ");       //Get Array Dimentions
 scanf("%d", &raws );
 printf("Enter Number Of Columns : ");
 scanf("%d", &cols );

 ArrayIn = calloc ( raws , sizeof(int *) );     //Dynamically Allocate The Array
 for ( j=0 ; j<raws ;j++ ){
     ArrayIn[j] = calloc( cols, sizeof(int) );

 getinput( ArrayIn ,raws ,cols );      // Get the Array

 ArrayIn=transpose(ArrayIn ,raws,cols);            //Transpose the Array

 display(ArrayIn , raws , cols);          // Display After Transpose



void getinput ( int **ArrayPtr , int raws , int cols ){
int i,j;

 for( j=0 ; j<raws ;j++ ){
     for( i=0 ; i<cols ; i++ ){
       printf("Enter Element #%d%d : ",j,i);
int **transpose( int **ArrayPtr , int raws , int cols ){
 int **trans;
 int i,j;

 trans = calloc ( cols , sizeof(int *) ); // Allocate Transpose Array
 for ( j=0 ; j<cols ;j++ ){
     trans[j] = calloc( raws, sizeof(int) );

 for( j=0 ; j<raws ;j++ ){
     for( i=0 ; i<cols ; i++ ){

 return (trans);

void display( int **ArrayPtr ,int raws , int cols ){
 int i,j;

 for( j=0 ; j<cols ;j++ ){
     for( i=0 ; i<raws ; i++ ){
       printf("#%d%d = %d  |",j,i,ArrayPtr[j][i]);


likewise you could do any operation you need by using a similar algorithm.

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