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I have the above product running on a pc. When I open a file that has been created and there is clip art taken from a cd or elsewhere, I have to have that cd in my drive for it to reopen. I may not open this file for a couple of weeks and may not remember which disk it came off of. Is there a way to get the program to remember the links or to keep them within the package/file? I have Corel draw 7 and do not have this problem. I know this isn't a mac ? but this seemed to be the best plac to ask it.
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When you go to place a graphic, there should be an option in the Place dialog that says something like "Embed Graphic in Document" or some such. What that will do is take all parts of the graphic (TIFF, EPS, etc.) and place them completely within your file. You may still get a "lost link" dialog when you open the file later, but you can just click "Ignore All" and it will not affect how your document prints, because the file is already embedded.
rrbayneAuthor Commented:
We tried this and it would not allow us to perform this action. The link box is there but it is not active, even after selecting the graphic to use.
Place the graphic in the same folder as the document, before linking to it from the illustrator.
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Not elegant but it will work:
Copy the art file you're using to your hard drive
Use the copy on your hard drive instead of the one on the CD

I am no illustrator pro but I experienced what you are describing on my mac.  Maybe asking the graphics section of experts-exchange will yield more insight.

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Embeding the eps in your illustrator doc just means that you will not need the graphic for printing BUT if you wish to open the file again for any reason you will still have to supply the graphic again as it will want you to embed it again when you go to re-save it (DO NOT save a doc if you haven't got the original to re-embed it). Sadly there is NO work around for this. It is one of the main problems in the DTP industry. Our clients often send us documents in Quark and Illustrator and forget to send us the original files that belong to the graphics within their artwork.

Here are a few kludges for doing this. But beware the more embedding of embeded eps's you do, the more printing probs you will have.....

One option is to do the pagemakup in something like QuarkXpress then bring in your illustrator eps's (with no graphic) then bring in your non vector eps's (scans etc...). Quark will remember the complete path name of your images "Utilities....down to..."picture usage", you can then get your CD and pop it into the drive. WARNING "picture usage" will not tell you about missing embeded scans in the eps's that are in use until you monitor the print dialogs when you output the file.

A very messy way of doing this would be to import your eps with embeded graphic into a new illustrator doc and add any edits here, then save and embed again.

There are progs (we have one) that will allow you to edit illustrator eps's with embeded graphics when you don't know or have the embeded item. But these are so expensive that if you have to ask the price?... then you can't afford.

This is a rather complex area but if you want any further info on any subject regarding these issues, I'll be glad to help.


While Macintosh computers are most of the time not working with
paths in contrast to PC's it's much easier for Mac Users to spread it's pictures across the platform wherever you'd like.
To solve this problem on a pc system:
1) Use 1 directory for primarily graphics (EPS/PICS/TIFFS etc.)
2) copy graphics to the harddisk instead of leaving it on the cd!
3) or if you don't want filling up your harddisk, make a note within the document where you got the graphics exactly from including subdirectories etc. (first menu -> document info)
As Quark Xpress is used to this problem, it remeber it's name and you may look for it by yourself but assembling all the used data in strict orderly subdirectories is the best way....

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