Illegal Operation

When using aol or compuserve sometimes a message appears saying that aol or compuserve whichever one i am using has performed an illegal operation and so will be closed. This is annoying because everytime this happens i have to shut down my computer to reenter the internet.
I have tried a scandisk for directory problems but have found nothing. Please help
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Don't know about AOL but I got rid of that problem on compuserve by upgrading the compuserve software.
Are you using Internet Explorer 4 plus AOL-software? there is a known problem concerning this.

Microsoft says that if you install AOL on a computer that already has IE4 installed you will run into trouble, because AOL ships with IE3.

But there might also be a lot of other problems, so plase be more specified about your software-setup:

Which windows-version are you using?
How much RAM do you have installed?
Which programmes reside in your "startup"-group?
Are you experiencing these errrors also with other programmes?
which information does the "details"-button reveal in the error-message?



It might well be that the problem is not caused by AOL, but by badly programmed WWW-pages and your browser. I experience that a lot with any flavor of Netscape and pages loaded with Javascript. The pages sometimes try to read info from your browsers settings usind Javascript and you might have set the security-options high to ensure your privacy. In this case the browser will shut down. This might also be the case for the AOL-Browser...
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geezgeez10Author Commented:
I have a 586, with 16 megabytes of ram. I have windows 95 and a 33.6 modem. I am only experiencing these problems with AOL and Compuserve and nothing else.
When clicking onto details the message states that
WAOL caused an invalid page fault at (unknown) 0000:e7e7e7e7
This problem i am having is really annoying me because whenever it happens AOL or compuserve close down and i have to restart my computer. This problem happens very frequently.PLEASE HELP

Hi GeezGeez10,
    From here it is impossible to be sure what's causing your frequent lock-ups while running the AOL and CompuServe software, but I have a few thoughts which you might experiment with, and hopefully one of them will fix the problem.

    One of the most common problems is unclean access.  Noise on the phone line, or a momentarily broken connection are tough on the AOL and CompuServe software, and these programs do not always respond gracefully.  Although you cannot control the phone company's hardware, you can at least be sure that your connections from the wall to your computer are tight.  If you can shorten the wire that helps.  I have seen people running from a modem connected to a 50-foot wire, while the computer is 6 feet from the wall.  Eliminate any extension phones which may be connected to the line, especially cordless phones.  Also, avoid setting up your computer or phone line anywhere near electromagnetic polluters.  One guy's computer quit everytime his air conditioner started up.  I once had a problem when my neighbor opened his garage door with a remote control.

    You didn't mention whether the problem only occurs when accessing web pages, or whether it happens during other online activities.  There are tens of thousands of badly written Java applets and HTML-embedded programming scripts out there, many of which can lock up your machine.  You can be sure whether the problem is caused by these or not by avoiding web pages for a while and see if you still have the problem.  If the problem goes away when you stay away from web pages, then see if it happens only with specific pages.  If the browser you are currently using allows for turning off Java applications, try that.  There are many versions of the Java Virtual Machine, which browsers use to run Java applets.  If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer, check out to download the latest Microsoft Java Virtual Machine (JVM).  Java is so new (less than 900 days old), that there are still many problems with the language and the browsers that implement it.
Another little trick you can try is to switch to another browser.  Try using Netscape if you currently use Internet Explorer, or visa versa.

     Now, if you are not accessing web pages (or even if you are), then another batch of situations may be causing your problem.  Some modems are better than others.  Can you borrow a modem from a friend, plug it into your computer, and see if that helps?  Another possibility is that you have a bad RAM chip, but that usually shows up right away, and in other software as well.  Many programs are written as if there were no limit to the amount of RAM in your computer.  If they call for more memory than is available, they do crash.  This is true of everything from simple shareware to huge programs produced by large manufacturers.  There are also bugs in pretty much everything ever written.  For instance, in Corel PhotoPaint, an otherwise very good program, if I enter a string of text over about 200 characters long, it crashes every time.  In Borland J-Builder, another otherwise good program, if I press any key just after beginning a compiling cycle, it will crash - guaranteed.

     So, the answer to possible bugs in your AOL or CompuServe software is to try to remember what you are doing at every step.  When you get a crash, try to avoid following the same sequence, and perhaps you can train yourself to avoid the problem.

Good luck! - Jeff -

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geezgeez10Author Commented:
Thanks alot, you have gone very in depth which has left me  with a number of optoins and possibilities, i wish i could give you more points because it was a hard question but i did not have many points left. I will keep you posted if your explanation does not work.
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