1st Boot freeze after install over 3.11 on PackardBell

I installed Win95 Upgrade from CD over 3.11 on a Packard Bell Pentium 90.  During  the "First Boot" process, I get a blue screen [with the "industrial" pattern], then the hour glass, then only the cursor - nothing happens after that.  Tried repeated installs with same result.

When I boot in Safe Mode message appears "Cant detect devices in Safe Mode"
Is it significant that when I boot in Safe Mode I can't see the CD drive ?

The system is a Packard Bell Axcel 121CD.
American Megatrends AMIBIOS 1992 1.00.11 BB0R
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In safe mode, very few drivers are installed. The CD is not one of them.  It appears that you are hanging in the First Time User hardware detect phase.  Something, probably one of your devices, is creating a problem. In safe mode, go to START, PROGRAMS, and click on Windows Explorer.  In the right hand window, scroll to the Autoexec.bat file, right button click on it and select rename.  Rename it autoexec.xxx, and then do the same with the Config.sys file.  Then reboot and see if it can continue in case one of the real mode drivers, or a TSR program,  is causing a problem
dsanderAuthor Commented:
I had
 the same problem when I:
1. Renamed autoexec.bat and config.sys, or
2. Just included the lines referring to the CD drive.
Thanks anyway.
That was the easiest possibility. Use safe mode, and go to START, SETTINGS, CONTROL PANEL, DISPLAY.  Select SETTINGS, and then CHANGE ADAPTER.  Select a compatible adapter, ( you may have to try more than one it you have the options for several), and see if your monitor make and model are available in the display type list.  I assume you do not have any special hardware that win95 could have a problem setting up, so the monitor is the most likely driver problem.

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Dsander: The following may help you if the currently posted answer does not.

1. Edit your config.sys file to load as follows (substituting your cd rom driver for that shown)

1. Use the load order shown above.

2. Use the REM statement before all other lines in your config.sys file.

3. Copy the following files to your root directory.

your cd driver
Change your Autoexec.bat file to:


1. REM out all other statements.

1. Boot your system to a Dos prompt and verify that you have access to your cd rom drive.

2. Presuming that your cd rom drive is drive "D", (if it's not then change the entry accordingly) then type the following at the "C" prompt.


it should appear like this:


Let us know how you make out.
Best regards,

dsanderAuthor Commented:
The problem wasn't the display adapter but I did work my way thru the other adapters until I found the problem. Thanks
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