windows 95 setup problem

The machine started of with many HDD errors, fixed them then Win 95 says must be reinstalled.  Tried reinstalling but it would lock up at various points.  I have changed memory, and cd-rom but nothing helps.  Now all I get is an error that states: "standard mode: bad fault in ms-dos extender" what could it be?  p.s. I have tried a new boot disk and mscdex.exe file. This is win 95 ver A and it is on a compaq presario and it happens right after you start the setup and get throught the first 100% screen before anything actually happens.
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Can you get to the Windows GUI? When do you get this error, when you start setup, while doing it or after first reboot? Please give me more information, which ver of W95 are you trying to install, and list the hardware you have (especially "exotic" breed)

hawkiAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
This has happened to me before.  What I have done is the following.  Be very careful and only follow my advice if you feel ready to do it.

A.  Make a backup of your hard disk
B.  If you can't at least, make a backup of all your work.
C.  You can press F8 as soon as Windows is about to start and
then in the options it shows goto the option start safe mode command prompt only.  That will give you access to backup your files.
D. Make sure you have all the disk or cd's that you would like to reinstall.
E. Enter disk1 of the Win 95 setup program and reboot.  Press F5 to bypass the startup files.
F. Run FDISK and delete the partitions you have.  Go back and create a new partition.
G. Reboot press F5 again.  Enter a:format c: /s  
F.  After you reformat your hard disk reinstall first of all your CD drivers.
H. Enter win95 CD and proceed with installation.

If you made it through this your computer should be able to work just fine.

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well reading across the proposed answer, I would want to add something here.

andre29, what you said is perfect, but in my opinion you forgot one thing: To ask hawki if he is familiar with computers to perform the FDISK command, what to choose, which option to select from that Fdisk etc..  Same thing for the CD-Rom drivers and the startup disk, what he might need on that disk or not.

This is common currency for us, to perform such a daily task at least for me, I don't know if it's the case for you.  But my advise is always to ask first what kind of background the other person has in computer before giving an answer as simple as the one given here (technically speaking you should have assumed that he doesn't know and offer much more details than that).

I'm not critisizing here, all what I want to point is precision and a good customer support.
Mybe it's not necessary to fdisk.. try format /C /U. It might help too...
magigraf is right and I apologize, you should perform this if you have a good background in computers, otherwise try getting a technician in your area to perform these steps for you.
Your attitude is very much appreciated, and we are here to help.  If hawki needs the proper step by step procedure, well few techs here including myself would be more that happy to cover even the little nifty detail.
It's Hawki's call right now.
hawkiAuthor Commented:
I eventually went a head and fdisked and reformatted but I don't like to do that to customers that's why I have to give this average.
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