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I have written a few custom apps in 1024 x 768 resolution which are now being transferred to laptops and older desktops supporting only 640 x 480 or 800 x 600 resolution. My question, Is there a conversion code module for Access ver. 2 that recognizes screen resolution and converts apps to the proper settings for various resolutions.Also does a newer version of Access address this problem, if so I will upgrade. Any help will be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance. ( John )
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Victor SpiridonovCommented:
Here is a function from MS Knowledge base that gets screen resolution
1. Create a new module, and type the following Declarations and function:
      Option Explicit
      Type RECT
          x1 As Integer
          y1 As Integer
          x2 As Integer
          y2 As Integer
      End Type
      Declare Function GetDesktopWindow Lib "User" () As Integer
      Declare Function GetWindowRect Lib "User" _
         (ByVal hWnd As Integer, rectangle As RECT) As Integer
      ' FUNCTION: GetScreenResolution()
      ' PURPOSE:
      '   To determine the current screen size or resolution.
      ' RETURN:
      '   The current screen resolution. Typically one of the following:
      '      640 x 480
      '      800 x 600
      '      1024 x 768
      Function GetScreenResolution () as String
          Dim R As RECT
          Dim hWnd As Integer
          Dim RetVal As Integer
          hWnd = GetDesktopWindow()
          RetVal = GetWindowRect(hWnd, R)
          GetScreenResolution = (R.x2 - R.x1) & "x" & (R.y2 - R.y1)
      End Function
2. From the View menu, choose Immediate Window.
3. Type the following line in the Immediate window, and then press ENTER:
      ? GetScreenResolution()
The current screen resolution will be displayed in the Immediate window. If the current resolution is standard VGA, the following will be displayed in the Immediate window:    640x480

The functions to resize the form : glrScaleForm() and glrResizeForm() functions, written by Ken Getz, are
published in the following book:
    Microsoft Access 2 Developer's Handbook. Ken Getz, Paul Litwin,   Greg Reddick. Sybex: 1994 ISBN: 0-7821-1327-3
 These functions were also published  in Smart Access magazine.
   Article: "Create Resolution-Independent Forms in Access 2.0" by Ken Getz    Smart Access, June 1994


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spiridinov: If you have access to the resize functions please post them as comments as this would make this answer complete. Not everyone reading this answer can get hold of the book or magazine mentioned.
Victor SpiridonovCommented:
If i had them, i would for sure have posted them.
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RomeFu12Author Commented:
I have already been to the knowlege Base and have obtained the determining current screen resolution code.I have heard of this book but I am not able to locate a copy. Also I have intecepted E-Mail noting that the resize code module does exist and is out there somewhere in some experts module library. Anyone know where I can obtain a copy? And does a newer version of Access address this problem?
RomeFu12Author Commented:
Pleae submit my question again to other experts after posting my comment.
Thanks again
RomeFU12@    (John)
An Access97 database is now available on cd-rom, from the book: Access97 Developer's
Handbook third edition. page 474. The  access97 database is on the cd-rom with the book. "chap 08".
1. Make sure your fonts are scalable. (true type)
2. Put the modules from the cd-rom on all your forms "Open Event"
3. There are two:      basFormScale   and   bas FormGlobal.
Its a great book.
Hope this helps!
An Access97 database is now available on cd-rom, from the book: Access97 Developer's
Handbook third edition. page 474.SYBEX. The  access97 database is on the cd-rom with the book. "chap 08".
1. Make sure your fonts are scalable. (true type)
2. Include two modules to your database:  basFormScale   and   bas FormGlobal. from cd-rom
3. Declare a data structure in the form module of each form. To hold the size information of your form.
Dim rctOriginal As adhTypeRect
4. Attach  a call event to forms resize event "adhResizeForm"
5. Attach a call the the forms open event "adhScaleForm"
The rest is explained in full in the book
Its a great book.
Hope this helps!
I guess you couldn't post these functions/modules here ?
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