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Sending Mail Attachments in Delphi

I know this is a big question.

I would like to know how to send a mail message with a MAPI encoded attachment in Delphi.
Please do not direct me to third party controls that are not free and available on the internet.
I need to send it in Microsoft Exchange format.

I know the scope of the question which is why I have put so many points out.

I few pointers might be all I need to do this.
The attached document will be in Word95 format, not that it should be significant.

my email address is should you wish to mail me.

1 Solution
The following code sends a message and attachment from Fred to John.  (Add mapi to the uses clause.)

  Originator, Recipient: TMapiRecipDesc;
  FileAttachment: TMapiFileDesc;
  MapiMsg: TMapiMessage;
  if (MapiLogOn(0, nil, nil, MAPI_LOGON_UI or MAPI_NEW_SESSION , 0, @hMapi) = SUCCESS_SUCCESS) then
      FillChar(MapiMsg, SizeOf(TMapiMessage), 0);

      MapiMsg.lpszSubject := 'Test Message';
      MapiMsg.lpszNoteText := ' Hello.  This is the message text.  The End.';
      MapiMsg.flFlags := MAPI_RECEIPT_REQUESTED;

      FillChar(Originator, SizeOf(TMapiRecipDesc), 0);
      Originator.lpszName := 'Fred';
      Originator.lpszAddress := '';
      Originator.ulRecipClass := MAPI_ORIG;
      MapiMsg.lpOriginator := @Originator;

      MapiMsg.nRecipCount := 1;
      FillChar(Recipient, SizeOf(TMapiRecipDesc), 0);
      Recipient.lpszName := 'John';
      Recipient.lpszAddress := '';
      Recipient.ulRecipClass := MAPI_TO;
      MapiMsg.lpRecips := @Recipient;

      MapiMsg.nFileCount := 1;
      FillChar(FileAttachment, SizeOf(TMapiFileDesc), 0);
      FileAttachment.flFlags := 0;
      FileAttachment.lpszPathName := 'C:\autoexec.bat';
      FileAttachment.lpszFileName := 'autoexec.bat';
      MapiMsg.lpFiles := @FileAttachment;

      MapiSendMail(hMapi, 0, MapiMsg, MAPI_LOGON_UI, 0);

      MapiLogOff(hMapi, 0, 0, 0);

This is freeware, easy, everything is possible, lot's of documenation, with source, for ALL delphi versions, for EVERY platform and good. But JimBob's answer is also correct.

Look at :

It's really recommended just to have a look at it.

Have fun,
c.u. ZifNab;
cmainAuthor Commented:
Thanks David.

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