Adobe Photoshop 3.0 crashes on quit
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caeisenbConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That is no way to ask a question!!!

Please give much more detail...  A few suggestions:
What machine are you using?
What system software are you running?
Any special configuration of your system?
Any other software running (apps or extensions)?
Is it an intermittent problem?
What have you tried?

My only possible answer from your current question is to tell you to reinstall Photoshop and see if the problem goes away.
vernonlecountAuthor Commented:
Sorry Caeisenb,
My Photoshop 3.0 crashes on quit.  I am running a PowerMac 7100 with 57meg of ram. System 7.5.5.  It does not crash when Speed Doubler 2.03 is not loaded.  Adobe says that version 3.05 has a fix for it, but it will not allow me to upgrade from 3.0 (only 3.02) which I cannot upgrade to.
I have zapped PRAM. rebuilt desktop, trashed Photoshop preferences, run Norton but was successful with no extensions running.
thank you
Upgrade to Sys 7.6 (cheap) or OS8 (slightly dearer but worth it) and the problem will go away.

Please visit Adobe's web site where you can upgrade your copy of Photoshop 3.0 to 3.0.3.  Here's the link:

Then, you can upgrade to 3.0.5, as you said...

This should solve your problems...

vernonlecountAuthor Commented:
Sounds good.
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