My network desn't work

I'm trying to connect my 8500 and powerbook
together.  Both machines are running OS8 and both should have the
capability to connect via either Ethernet of Local Talk.  When
attempting to use Localtalk I connect the computers together with
Farallon  PhonNET PLUS adapters and RJ11.  I have filesharing turned on,
appletalk active, both computers named and the appropriate port selected
in the Appletalk Control Panel (tried both Printer and Modem ports on
8500 and used Printer/Modem on 540C).  When selecting Appleshare in the
chooser on either machine I get no indication that there is an available
 I have also attempted to connect them with ethernet using an Interex
EC10BT Tranciever connected to the 540 I run a line to the 8500 and
connect the RJ45 to that.  When the connections are made the PWR and TX
indicator lights on the transceiver come on and stay on constantly, no
other light illuminates.  With the computers connected I turn file
sharing on, make Appletalk active and attempt to select Ethernet in the
Appletalk Control Panel.  When I attempt this I get an alert that says
"An error occurred attempting to use Ethernet.  Make sure your network
connections are correct."  This, of course, is nowhere near enough help
and I have found the Help files and hardware documentation to be
woefully inadequate.
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ok the ethernet problem is EASY...with 10Base-T you MUST have an ethernet cannot just connect the two with a piece of cable. the hub tells the computers that there is actually a network out there somewhere and negotiates the connection. so that ones a snap...just buy a hub.....the localtalk is a lil more vague but i have an idea as to what it is. while it sounds like you have everything hooked and set up right you left out one detail. You have to actually SHARE a volume in order for that server to show up. so select both the HD's and go to the file menu->sharing....turn sharing on for both those volumes. now they should show up on the others chooser.

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hjfusmcAuthor Commented:
Weed, thanks for the answer.  I was afraid that was the problem with the ethernet.  Sorry I didn't give you all the information on the appletalk problem.  I did, in fact, have both hard drives shared.  I thought that there was a problem in the software so I have also Rebuilt the desktops, zapped the PRAM and reloaded OS 8. If you have any other suggestions I would be glad to hear and try them.
hmmmm....well the reload of system 8 should certainly do it for you but if it didnt make a checklist of ALL the network controll panels and all the steps you need to take and make sure you touch every one of them. i find that in the hurry i ferget ONE vital step and loose track of what i have and havent done. so a list helps...also check your connections. make sure theyre all tight and double check that theyre all in the right ports. hope that works for ya!!
hjfusmcAuthor Commented:
One last thought... the PhonNet Plus connectors have two RJ11 sockets each.  I have seen some networks with a resistor attached to an RJ11 plug in one of the sockets.  Is it possible that I need that to make this thing work?  Otherwise I will just wait until I can get a low cost ethernet hub.  Thanks for your help.
oooooooohh!!...if youre using those split adapters you MUST have what they call a terminator in the empty socket. most of those Y adapters come with a terminator. dunno how ya got one without it. but yeah...theres your problem...or part of it.
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