How to change the keyboard state??

I need the code to change the NumLock Key state by clicking on a button of my application

Have tried using the following code but it does not seem to work
keybd_event(VK_NUMLOCK, 0, 0, 0);
keybd_event(VK_NUMLOCK, 0, KEYEVENTF_KEYUP, 0);

The above code works when substituted with VK_CAPITAL or VK_INSERT but not VK_NUMLOCK. Anyone knows why?

By the way, I took the code from another person's answer
(Ermac I think...) and he had the same problem as me

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Turn this around :-)


FUNCTION GetKeybStatus : TKeybStatusSet;
  KeybAbs: Byte absolute $0040:$0097;

    Result:= [];
    IF (KeybAbs and 4)=4 THEN
      Result:= [ksCapsLock];
    IF (KeybAbs and 2)=2 THEN
      Result:= Result+[ksNumLock];
    IF (KeybAbs and 1)=1 THEN
      Result:= Result+[ksScrollLock];

WizKidAuthor Commented:
I think you got me wrong....
The code that you gave me is only used for detecting the status of the keyboard but what I wanted was to set the them (Eg. Toggle the Num Lock key)

Yes, just set the 0040:0097 adress instead of reading it...?
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WizKidAuthor Commented:
Tried your code already but it doesn't work on Delphi 3.0 (32 bit). It just can't compile...

Any other way?

try this... (from UDDF)

procedure TMyForm.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
    KeyState  :  TKeyboardState;
    if (KeyState[VK_NUMLOCK] = 0) then
      KeyState[VK_NUMLOCK] := 1
      KeyState[VK_NUMLOCK] := 0;

for caps lock substitute VK_CAPITAL for VK_NUMLOCK.

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WizKidAuthor Commented:
It worked! Thanks Pal!
No problem, glad I could help.

Good luck with it!
c.u. Zif.
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