How can I make a diskette copy protect ? That is, protect
the files on a diskette from being copied and used on another diskette (or when copied to different diskette be
unusable. I am referring to a common 3.5 (1.44)inch diskette. thank you
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There are MANY methods to do this. But nothing can stop experienced
hacker from unprotectiong program. To make floppy disk prevented
from diskcopy you write custom formatter, that formats floppy so
it's last track has non-standard value and contains some protect
info. Then your program via direct access reads this track, checks
its size, info, maybe serial number (assigned after format) and
make decision.
Another method relies on physical damage of floppy. Many copiers
just can't stand physical damage :). First by custom program
copier you put you program file(s) on diskette so several central
tracks are not written, then you make small hole in central area
of written space (with nail, or smth thin). Your program need to
check how different files reside on floppy and decide about
protect violation.
You should specify what kind of disk you are talking about...  Mac?  PC?  Something else?
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BobyAuthor Commented:
Sorry busuka your answer is not clear
to me. Could you please be more precise on
every step and which program /format procedure
should I use to make it impossible to copy from this
diskette (although still readable)or even if copied files
can't be opened in a different diskette.
Thank you. I'll be glad to grade your answer once I get
a clearer one

Okay, let's put it another way: or you use standard means of
protection and risk to be opened by as well standard unprotector,
or you programmer and making custom way to protect your program
(as I described above). To name a several progs I can mention
Guard II, Nota, Shield.
BobyAuthor Commented:
I am interested in the programming option. Where can I get
Guard II or Nota or Shield. by the way, I don't care if an specialist can open the file. I am not surrounded by specialists
By "programming" way I meant you write a both programs: program
protector and protected program.
"Nota" I have at home. I think it allows diskcopy, but copied one
doesn't work.(and I saw anti-Nota on 'net, but it's hard to find
because program is old).
BobyAuthor Commented:
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