How many IP/IPX users?

We have one Intranetware server setup as our IP/IPX Gateway on our WAN for Internet access for our Win 3.x users. Anyone know how we can monitor how many users are being serviced at any one time?
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Hi dboz

I think if you run systems monitor from the intranet server you will see how many active connections there are. Thats if you have a full complement of Netware on the server.

I am not totally sure of your set but I hope this is an answer for you....
dbozAuthor Commented:
I'm not certain that the answer to my question is correct or not...I will have to investigate to find out. Therefore I would like to keep the question open to other answers to get some more opinions.
Pyramid answer let you know how many users are being logged in.
You don't know how many users are using the WAN connection.

This you can check with DHCPCFG (if you are using DHCP) - check how many IP address assignes are there.

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dbozAuthor Commented:
we don't use DHCP specifically, although I suppose in a way the IP/IPX Gateway serves the same purpose, but it doesn't assign an IP number to the client. It uses a single address to represent all the IPX clients.  
I'm still not sure we have the answer....
You may be able to use Novell's FastCache which is in Beta now.
It is managed from Win95 through NWAdmin snapins.  It allow up
t 1000 active connections.
bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
In my mind, you may get the status in Netware's Monitor, at LAN information, Network Adapter, Frame, IP or IPX. I am not sure, since I cannot try it at the moment. :-)

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You will need a third party utility if you don't want to use Novell's Bordermanager product.  Try looking at the DeveloperNet
whats new site:

You will need a third party utility if you don't want to use Novell's Bordermanager product.  Try looking at the DeveloperNet
whats new site:

The answer you accepted does not give me the information you asked for.  In case I don't know what I am looking for will you
tell me how you get the information from bbao's answer.
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