I can't get ExtFloodFill to fill an area bounded by more than one color ,using the FLOODFILLSURFACE parameter , I need an example along with the correct property settings ( scalemode , fillcolor, ... etc.) thanks
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Place the following Declarations in a code module.


Public Const FLOODFILLBORDER& = 0  'The fill area is bounded by the
                                   'color specified by the FillColor

Public Const FLOODFILLSURFACE& = 1 'The fill area is defined by the
                                   'color that is specified by FillColor.
                                   'Filling continues outward in all
                                   'directions as long as the color is
                                   'encountered. This style is useful for
                                   'filling areas with multicolored

Declare Function ExtFloodFill Lib "gdi32" (ByVal hdc As Long, ByVal X As Long, ByVal Y As Long, ByVal crColor As Long, ByVal wFillType As Long) As Long

'-------------------------END OF DECLARATIONS

Use the following VB Procedure as follows:

FloodFill PictureBox1, vbWhite, X, Y [, FLOODFILLSURFACE]

Sub FloodFill(PicObj As Object, ByVal FillColor As Long, ByVal X As Long, ByVal Y As Long, Optional FillType As Long = 0)

   Dim RC As Long 'Return Code

   PicObj.FillStyle = vbSolid ' = 0
   PicObj.FillColor = FillColor
   RC = ExtFloodFill(PicObj.hDC, X, Y, 0&, FillType)

End Sub
'-------------------------END OF CODE

Woops, also add this line...

Set PicObj.Scalemode = 3 'vbPixels

Whoops again,

With out the set, I started to tell you to set the scalemode to 3, and then changed my mind to give the code as an example...

PicObj.Scalemode = vbPixels ' 3
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hbadrAuthor Commented:
FloodFill PictureBox1, vbWhite, X, Y -> works
FloodFill PictureBox1, vbWhite, X, Y , FLOODFILLSURFACE -> dose nothing
Then the surface isn't of the color white, Check the color of the surface you're trying to fill.  This works perfect for me.

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In my program, the color I'm filling is always white.  I use it for printed graphics.  If you wish to fill an area of a color other than white, you'll need to pass the color to the procedure and change the following  line:

RC = ExtFloodFill(PicObj.hDC, X, Y, ReplaceColor, FillType)

hbadrAuthor Commented:
I already did that using

Sub FloodFill(PicObj As Object, ByVal FillColor As Long, ByVal x As Long, ByVal y As Long, Optional FillType As Long = 0)

Dim RC As Long 'Return Code
PicObj.ScaleMode = vbPixels ' 3
PicObj.FillStyle = vbSolid ' = 0
PicObj.FillColor = FillColor
RC = ExtFloodFill(PicObj.hdc, x, y, PicObj.Point(x, y), FillType)
End Sub

but i didn't specify that the color I wanted to fill was WHITE in my question ,thats why i didn't grade you A.
                             Lot Of Thanks

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