Canon BJ200e prints not all...

Hey, got a BJ200e and whenever I issue a command to print from word 6 (Wfw 3.11), all that comes out is the first few lines on one page, cut off in the middle of a line, tehn continues the rest on the next page and so on.
Tried reinstalling the drivers, but no improvement.
OS (as said) MS Wfw 3.11, Word 6
All Page Sizes set correctly, margins correct, headers and footers correct.  Job actually stops in the *middle* of a line--it only prints the top half--and skips large chunks of text when printing.  Example:  Will print lines 1, 8, 10, 11, and print top of 17.
Any help appreciated.
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Have you set the correct page size for printer manager?

lavinskyAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
Wait a minute. There are two page sizes: one in printer driver setup
and second in page layout. Also in page layout check if you closed
header and footer. In View menu also check header and footer.
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lavinskyAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
Last thing: in printer driver find the checkbox that allow print
TrueType as bitmaps and enable it.

I had the same trouble with a Canon LPBIV !
1- as busuka (driver setup and page layout)
2- Are your .DOT clean ? (check for macro virus... before checking look in word 6.0 TOOLS/ MACRO


Out of curiosity, does the printer perform the same problem if you print from wordpad??

If if does not reproduce the problem, try the following:
1) Open that word document
2) Copy all the file content
3) open Wordpad, and paste that content
4) Print the document

a) If you have the same problem, in fact this will narrow it down    to a driver problem
b) If you have NO problem, this will narrow it down to Word6        problem.

If the answer is b) then UNINSTALL word6, and reinstall it again to check if this will help.

Keep me posted!

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lavinsky, where magigraf says Wordpad use Write.  Wordpad is a Win 95/NT program and Write is the closest thing to Wordpad.

Something else to check is how you set up your printer at the printer itself.  Is it setup in Epson or IBM mode?  I believe it should be Epson.

I just wanted to congratulate you on achieving Wizard status here at EE.  :)
Major oops magigraf,

I meant Genius status. :)  I am the one that will be making Wizard status shortly.  Sorry for the mix up.

Sorry for the error, tecbuilder is right.


Thanks for the correction.  You are right, I kind of mixed up that he has Windows 3.x not windows 95.
Thanks for your compliment, and you are more than welcome to be a WIZARD or GENIUS, I don't mind at all.  In the contary it makes me feel better to know that I'm surrounded with people who share the same interest that I do.  Maybe one day we can join forces to become the greatest nation.

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