PCMCIA Ethernet Adapter

Where and how do I load everything needed for a PCMCIA
ethernet card.  The drivers are there under Slakware 3.4 but
can't figure out where to start to load the device.
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usually when i need such a device, i can do two thing,

1. rebuild the kernel with the pcmcia options therein, or

2. Backup your home and /etc files, install linux again, and when your systems asks of you need pcmcia support say yes !

The rest is to fill in yourself by your hardware components !

Spo0nAuthor Commented:
I have PCMCIA support in . . just need to know HOW to LOAD the PCMCIA drivers for the card and where they are and how etc.......
Is sequence(thi is how I did it with a 3Com PCMCIA card)

1) Build the kernel with PCMCIA support and make the network card
    part of the kernel, not a module.
2) If you did not run the netconfig script during install run it
    after rebuilding the kernel.
3) When you reboot the machine you should get the usuall "happy
   beeps" like other OS's and the ethernet card should be

I don't recommend removing the ethernet card with the system running it can cause some real wierd things to happen.

If you must use the driver as a module build the driver as such.
Then do make modules and make modules_install.
If you set up kerneld to autoload modules than when you put
card in it should load the module. If not, load is manually with insmod <module name>. Loading the module should cause the proper
scripts to run.
Lastly, check the PCMCIA HOWTO. If you're going to do this as a module the PCMCIA uses a different script to do the network initializaiion. It is very easy and well documented to set this up.


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