How To Upgrd HD W/Win95 to Win95 Rel.2

Posted on 1997-12-17
Last Modified: 2013-12-16
I am currently running Win95 with it's service pack upgrades (4.00.950a). I have bought a new Pentium2/266 system BUT I don't want the hassel of loading all my software over again! I am using my old HD, a Quantum Fireball 3.2G with a Promise Ultra33 PCI card, in the new system. How do I upgrade my old HD to the OSR2 with out starting from SCRATCH??
Question by:Jammin

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ID: 1752594
You can, but it can lead to grave results. Problem, that OSR2 VxD
are completely different from 950/950a. In good case you'll notice
different GPF's and "blue/black screens of death". In worst case
it'll lead to HD data corruption.


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ID: 1752595
I leave my proposed answer as a comment so other can give there answers as well. If your old harddisk has windows 95 and additional software when you installed it in your new machine there where upgrades for the new hardware i think. When al these upgrades where correct and you system is functioning well again you can put upgrade to OSR2 by running setupfrom the OSR2 installation CD. If you want to save some time you can run from the startmenu|RUN the following command;
SETUP /id /im /id /iw. All these parameters are explaind if you type setup /? except /iw. This one will prevent the question for a serialnr as far as i know.

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ID: 1752596

The OSR2 is not an UPGRADE copy, in fact it will not install over the first release.
This is why the new computers are shipped already with the OSR2 installed on the system before it reaches the stores or the clients.

In resume, you would have to INSTALL a new copy of OSR2 and if you want to take advantage of the FAT32 feature you would have to FDISK your new drive using the FDISK that came with OSR2.

If you need more help on reinstalling let me know.
(By the way programs like Partition magic can now convert FAT16 to FAT32) but you have to have the OSR2 Fat16 installed at the first place.

Hope this helped
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ID: 1752597
Sorry about not being crystal clear...I would LIKE to:
a) use my old HD in my new system (not yet installed)
b) upgrade win95-950a to OSR2
c) do (a) & (b) without reloading ALL my software.

I have reopened the question because I am still not sure from the 3 responses that I will HAVE to reload my software..."magigraf" & "busuka" differ from "chrest".


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magigraf earned 200 total points
ID: 1752598

Q. use my old HD in my new system (not yet installed)
A. Yes you can use your old hard drive in your new system just    fine.

Q. upgrade win95-950a to OSR2
A. NO YOU CAN'T UPGRAGE 950 nor 950a to OSR2 (OSR2 is not an    UPGRADE)
   more info: The 950 is the first release of windows
   You would have to use the service pack1 to patch this version    and some other kernel and OLE patches to bring this copy to      the equivalent of the OSR2 version.  The only difference is      the FAT32 system. Applying these patches will make the 950       almost as the OSR2 except for the FAT32 system.

Q. do (a) & (b) without reloading ALL my software
A. Since you CAN'T UPGRADE the 950 nor the 950a to OSR2 you won't    be able to install OSR2 UNLESS you FORMAT your DRIVE OLD OR      NEW to install the OSR2 on it.  Therefore you WOULD HAVE TO      REINSTALL ALL THE SOFTWARE.

There is no debate here it's fact.  Now it's up to you to believe or not, it's your CALL.

Hope it helped

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ID: 1752599
It is true that 95B, also called OSR2 or Service Pack 2, is not an upgrade.
However, you can still install it over 95 or 95A. I have done it on my 486 66MHz at home. If you have the 95 version, then it would be beneficial to "upgrade" to the B version, since all the fixes and patches are included. Now, I would personally not want to change from A to B version, even though I have done it. The only difference between the A and B version is that the B version has ScanDisk, for when your computer turns off improperly, and FAT32 support, for smaller cluster sizes .
If you still want to change it, 1st start Notepad, then the OSR2 setup, and stop at the License Agreement. DO NOT CLICK ON "NEXT." Go back to Notepad, open "setuppp.inf" in the directory WININST0.400 and add "OEMUP=1" followingthe line "[data]". Save the file and continue with the setup. This method is only one of several and it is probably the easiest. Also, it was defined by Tom Porterfield, not me.

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ID: 1752600

Your comment is fairly correct, but since nobody can garantee the concequences, we cannot offer that as an answer.
Things has to be done the right way!

LVL 12

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ID: 1752601
Its a breach of license to install the OEM version onto an existing system in any event.

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ID: 1752602
I didn't want to bring that issue so clearly here.

P.S. We just say things has to be done the right way, then the client will make his own decision at his own risk.

Author Comment

ID: 1752603
Thank You all,
"magigraf" & "j2", I sincerely appreciate your "official"/proper answer. I do understand that Microsoft says you should not "mess" with their software...BUT "datn" has the specific answer that I was looking for (he mentioned that there were other ways too). I note your concern that the modification is untested and that, in addition, there may be "concequences" (I take that to mean GPF'S and possible data curruption). I have great respect for data integrety as I am in the Graphic Design & Screen Printing Business and a lost/currupt file is usually disasterous. So the burning question is, Do I take a chance? I think not. (Though the thought of taking 2 days off to load my stuff back on is almost equally distressing!) Why did Microsoft make it so hard??!!

Irie, Richie


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ID: 1752604

It makes 2 of us, I am in the design business as well.  If I can help let me know please.


P.S.  Win98 will make it very easy on all of us (Hopefully) it will upgarde convert Fat16, it's suppose to carry all the goodies.
Let's wait and see.

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