current path with stdout (or remove the result page)

I'm posting a form with target="_self" in the html code
(action= "...." target="_self")
I have a cgi which is sending back some data to stdout,
mainly an html page. The problem is that this page is a
predefined page that is using images from the server's
hard drive, and my default directory for the data which is
sent back is cgi-bin rather than the directory from which the post was done. My adress line in the browser gives:
http:...../cgi-bin/question.htm when the data is sent back
rather than the one from which question.htm was read, so the
images can't be found. Is there a way to change this (my cgi
is in "c") or either a way to eliminate the need to send back some data or open a new window once a cgi is executed?
If I'm not sending back something on stdout the IIS server is giving me an error, but all I want is to stay on the same
page after a post, without an intermediate screen with an hyperlink..

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Per O'Reilly's Webmsater in a Nutshell 14.3 Results Processing

The server recognizes to following header lines in the results data stream:



URI: <value> (value enclosed in angle brackets)

     The value is either a full URL or a local file reference, either of which points to an object to be returned to the client in lieu of the body. If the value is a local file, the server sends it as the results of the request, as though the client issued a GET for that object. If the value is a full URL, the server returns a "401 redirect" to the client to retrieve the specified object directly.



So.  If you can have the CGI print out the following before anything else, you will reload the page you started at:

URI: <>

I hate forms which give you very little indication they have succeeded... I would have suggested instead that you fix the page your CGI puts out, either by inserting a <BASE HREF> tag so the images work, or by using a Location: header (which seems pretty much the same as the URI header, I've never heard of the URI header - is it general or for O'Reilly's server only?)
Above post completed...

    Same as URI, but this form is now deprecated.  The value
    must not be enclosed in abngle brackets with this

So, URI _is_ the same as Location.  
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Thanks, rets.
jfbeaulieuAuthor Commented:
I'm sorry, but it doesn't seems to work. I've try the following
lines in my cgi:

          fprintf(stdout,"Content-type: text/html\n");

          fprintf(stdout,"Status:200 OK\n");
          fprintf(stdout, "URI:<>");      

  and also with URL rather than URI, it doesn't seems to open  the page but it is just displaying on the left top:
URI and the remaining of the page is blank

No Content-type:  the FIRST thing out must be

URI: <>

So, you should have your CGI say:

fprintf(stdout, "URI: <>\n\n");

and forget anything else that prints (because the user will be sent to

Let me know if you've any more questions (I get notified on updates.)
jfbeaulieuAuthor Commented:
>No Content-type: the FIRST thing out must be

>URI: <

>So, you should have your CGI say:

>fprintf(stdout, "URI: <>>

  I did it and there's some progress: when I test it locally
 with IIS and my own computer's adress there is a blank page
 because the adress which is display in the upper field is:<..../question/ques.htm>

rather than
the value between <.../question/ques.htm>
there seems to be a concatenation here, my form which is calling
the cgi has a 'target="_top"' or either target="_self" after
the verb "ACTION=..."

I called the cgi with question.htm
which contain the form...
Any idea?

If you would like the user to end up at:

then you should say:

printf(stdout, "URI: <>\n\n");

What did the last revision of your code look like?  As an aside, you may wish to try

printf(stdout, "Location:\n\n");
as alamo suggested.  Perhaps IIS doesn't like URI.

If this page that you are redirecting to is the same page as you started from, why reload it?  Just tell it there is no more content by typing:

printf(stdout, "HTTP/1.0 204 Nothing New to Display\n\n");

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jfbeaulieuAuthor Commented:
thanks to all of them, I had to postpone my tests since my my Hard drive was crashed but it works well
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