SSTab problem, and/or dir/file listbox

I am having a problem with the sstab control, in vb5.
I have file and dir listboxes, and want to use refresh to update, it works, but when I do
that the listbox disapears from the tab, or gets invisible it is.
Help on this would be welcome
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Grant082997Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The positioning problem with the SSTab control was fixed in VB5 SP2.  Download and install the latest service pack to fix this problem.

You can read more about this at:
What object are you using the refresh method on..
I don't know if this has anything to do with your problem, but earlier versions of SSTab were very buggy  and one the bugs were that they moved controls on the tab out of sight.

Could you place following after the refresh command to see if this happens

Debug.Print <YourListBoxName>.Left,<YourListBoxName>.Top
CATTAuthor Commented:
Thank you for answering
Do you by chance know where to find the new sstab-control.

Regards, and merry xmas
I had the exact problem with one of my programs. I became
so frustrated that I decided to switch to the TabStrip.

I have not had any problems since.
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